Now Feed Me! 6 Infuriating Stages of Being Hangry in NYC

4. Isolating yourself because you're about to snap


As you concede and return to plan A, you walk completely alone with a scowl on your face and a rumble in your tummy. You contemplate where to point fingers.

Your friends are soooooo dumb. This is all their fault. Shouldn't they have planned better?

No, it's totally the New York City food scene's fault. Why don't these places take reservations?

You look longingly at a random bagel and coffee shop on your walk back to Agave because now you're just so hangry that you're getting completely desperate.

5. Getting your table and ordering food


Finally. They called your group and seated you at the table... thank GOD!

By now, you're friends have totally caught on and either have started to ask you what's up or are just letting you have your hangry space.

Hopefully, this place has bread or tortilla chips to serve at the table before your entrees come out.

That would make things at least a little better, right?

6. Getting your food and thinking, this was worth it


Now that you've got that plate of eggs and a margarita in front of you, you're chill again.

You no longer feel that void left inside you by hanger. You now take that long wait with a grain of salt (actually, that's probably just in your margarita), because it was totally worth it.

And to be quite frank, you just can't wait to be hangry all over again next weekend.

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