Now Feed Me! 6 Infuriating Stages of Being Hangry in NYC

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Have you ever been hangry? What's that, you might ask?

According to the Urban Dictionary, hangry is defined as:

When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

So now that you're informed, you can definitely conclude that you've been there before, probably on more than one occasion.

Being hangry is often also associated with not being able to decide what to eat or having to wait an absurd amount of time for your food. This oh-so-familiar feeling unfolds below in these 6 stages you experience when you're hangry.

Now feed me, will ya?

1. Not being able to decide what to eat (13)

You and your squad are about to roll out to brunch, except no one can decide what they want. You're pretty much down for anything though, as long as it's edible.

Even though you're not a picky eater, your friends are. As your crew scrambles back and forth, you feel your blood begin to boil. It's coming.

The lack of suggestions means that you're beginning to get hangry.

2. Going to a restaurant that has an absurd wait time 


You finally decided that you're going to hit up Agave to get your boozy brunch on.

Except... there's a forty-five minute wait. Better put your names down now and then look for another spot because after all, this is the West Village and there is brunch to be found on every corner.

Secretly, you fill with rage where you'd rather be full of huevos rancheros.

You'll never make it.

3. Trying another restaurant... with an equally absurd wait time


As you walk to your next brunch spot, you trudge silently with your group because it's now approaching 12:30 p.m., you're hungover, and you need to soak up the vestiges of last night with some home fries and toast.

You walk fifteen minutes to make it to the next spot on the list, but oh hey, there's an hour long wait there as well. Might as well just walk back to the original location...