That's Just Eggs-cellent! 5 Delicious Dishes Stepping Up the Brunch Game in NYC

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‘Tis the season when a young New Yorker’s fancy turns to thoughts of beautiful brunch dishes.

Here are 5 dishes dialing up the brunch game in New York City... all of them focused around the quintessential breakfast ingredient: eggs.

1. Egg Shop B.E.C. at Egg Shop (151 Elizabeth Street)

[Alli Shepherd]
[via Alli Shepherd ]

This Nolita spot will turn your mood sunny side up before you even take a bite of the breakfast sandwich that claimed a spot on several of last year’s best-of lists. What makes this sandwich so wonderful, you ask?

The bacon, egg and cheese concept gets a massive upgrade with a gooey free-range egg, a sea salt-topped bread roll, and a spicy tomato jam that will make you never, ever want ketchup again.

2. Breakfast Ramen at Talde (369 7th Avenue - Brooklyn)

[Sara S., Yelp]
[via Sara S., Yelp ]

Everyone knows the key to a great bowl of ramen (breakfast or otherwise) is a soft-boiled egg yolk that you swirl around the soup right before eating.

This beautiful breakfast dish takes all the parts of a complete start-your-day meal and turns them into the components of a delicious ramen bowl: buttered toast broth, honey-glazed bacon, and a six-minute egg over noodles.

3. China-quiles at Fung Tu (22 Orchard Street)

[Paul Wagtouicz]
[via Paul Wagtouicz]

Chef Jonathan Wu’s version of Mexican chilaquiles (a classic hangover cure) features steamed egg custard (a traditional Chinese breakfast dish) topped with yucca chips and smothered in Sichuan pork sauce.

It’s garnished with scallions and cilantro, so you can even tell your mother you ate something healthy today.

4. Baked eggs at Gemma (The Bowery Hotel)

[Jessie L., Yelp]
[via Jessie L., Yelp]

This is the dish we braved those harsh winter mornings for, and it was made even more authentic thanks to this restaurant’s old world Italian decor.

Baked eggs sit in a skillet of savory, tangy tomato sauce, with Fontina cheese, prosciutto and avocado on the accompanying Tuscan toast.

5. Eggs Rothko at Egg (109 North 3rd Street - Brooklyn)

[ Martin S., Yelp]

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[via Martin S., Yelp ]

This original egg-focused spot still packs them in with this dish: a perfectly poached egg on brioche bread with Grafton cheddar. You can take things to the next level with the optional candied bacon (there’s a choice of seasonal vegetables or meat, but come on, let's be real here).

Their hash browns are also a worthy accompaniment to this oh-so-satisfying breakfast dish.

By: Eva Kis, Metro New York

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