Hipsters Rejoice! There's Now a Board Game Out About Brooklyn's Gentrification

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Last week, the folks over at Above Average brought us that laugh out loud MTA subway conductor video. Now there's this.

If you're into Brooklyn or board games, you'll definitely be interested in this hilarious video below about a new, parody board game of "self-discovery, entitlement, and brunch."

The objective of "The Settlers of Brooklyn" is to create a fully gentrified colony with used record stores, food trucks, and

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Urban Outfitters.

And much like Brooklyn, the available game cards are coffee, bicycles, vinyl, kale, and even skinny jeans.

The game is also equipped with a brunch card, a "loan from Daddy" development card that may earn the player two additional cards, and the opportunity to upgrade from a Bushwick loft to a Williamsburg condo.

Can't wait to play this exciting board game? Check out the hilarious video below!

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[via Youtube]