Make It Here: 6 Struggles All New Yorkers Gotta Overcome in Order to Succeed in NYC

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Let's be real, you came to New York City because you're super competitive, right? I mean, if you ask around, most folks wound up coming here because of that reason (or something very close to that).

New York City is the epicenter for talented people from all over the world. Have you ever wondered why all the most talented musicians, writers, artists, bankers, and lawyers flock to NYC to hone their respective talents?

It’s because we’re driven by the competition. We love being around people who are on our level, skill wise. It compels us and pushes us upward.

But when you’re used to being the most competitive kid on the block, and then you get to NYC and everyone’s competitive? Chaos ensues.

Here are 6 struggles all competitive New Yorkers have to deal with and ultimately overcome in order to succeed in NYC.

1. Other competitive people


There have been times in my life where I’ve beaten other people just because I tried and they didn’t.

In high school gym class when we had to run a timed mile, my teacher would always post the top ten fastest times for our grade on the wall in the gym, and I was always on that list. Even if I was seventh. Even if I was ninth. Was I one of the top ten fastest girls in my grade? I really don’t think so.

But while other girls were jogging and moseying along, I was sprinting, then sprint jogging, then sputtering and gasping at little more than a speedy jog. My heart was pounding against my skin, begging to be released from my chest.

Because I wanted to be on that list.

But trust me, there are no joggers in New York City. This city is for the strong.

You don’t spend years living in a fifth floor walk-up in Bushwick with an hour commute by jogging through life. Yup, I’m pretty sure every girl that lives in NYC would’ve been on that top mile time list.

 2. So many people


A lot of people will be better than you just based on numbers.

You used to be the best guy in your group of friends at stocks? Welcome to Wall Street.

You were totally the star of your high school’s production of Grease? Well, good luck getting a Broadway audition.

Let me put it this way: most of the people that were the best in the drama department at their colleges are now waiting tables in this city. No one here really cares that you were the high school drama director’s favorite.

You used to be a big fish in a little pond, and now you’re a little fish in a big pond. And the adjustment is tough, but at least you have a lot to learn... right?

3. Crowded subways

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When you’re trying to get home at rush hour, it doesn’t really matter how attentively you wait for the train.

When it squeals up and it’s packed to the brim, there are practically children pressing their faces to the windows of the subways to try and get a glimpse of some air, all you can do is hope that all the people inside stream out when the doors open.

And, when the doors do finally creak open and one, maybe two people exit the subway, it doesn’t matter how competitive you are.

You’re still going to be that scrub waiting for the next train.

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