Soooo Fresh: 10 Tasty Bakeries in NYC That'll Make You Want to Stuff Your Face

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Bakeries are the perfect places for any meal. You can start off with a pastry for breakfast, a lovely cafe sandwich for lunch or dinner, a light snack throughout the day, or even a decadent dessert, maybe in the form of a rich, chocolatey brownie or cupcake.

Whatever your taste in bakery items is, every New Yorker should have that one bakery that they swear by and flock to regularly.

If you don't, then you should get one-- and we're here to help you with that.

Here are 10 tasty bakeries in NYC (in no particular order) that'll make you want to stuff your face.

1. Levain Bakery (167 West 74th Street)


You'll love Levain Bakery's larger than life cookies, which are freshly heaped and baked each day. They promise to be nutty, chocolatey, and gooey-- really just generally amazing.

Another awesome Levain fact: they generously donate their leftover baked goods at the end of the day, which is the kind of thing that #givesmehope in this city.

2. City Bakery (3 West 18th Street)

2City Bakery_Yelp2
[via Yelp]

This Chelsea classic bakery has everything from pastries in the morning to lunch specials, including soups, sandwiches, and even a salad bar.

Their pretzel croissants are a city staple. Seriously, who would've ever thought that a combination like this would be so winning? Their hot chocolate is also seriously baller. It's thick, rich, and creamy, and the marshmallows are gigantic.

BTW, every February is hot chocolate month at City Bakery, with a new flavor of specialty hot chocolate on the menu each day. (Keep your eyes out for chili pepper hot chocolate-- it is eye-opening but incredible.)

3. Baked (359 Van Brunt Street - Brooklyn)

[via Mike Chau/]
[via Mike Chau/]

Sea-salt brownies. Chocolate whoopie pies with buttercream filling. Apple pie. Biscotti. The list goes on and on, you know.

Because Baked has absolutely everything in the way of baked goods. No matter what you want, they've got it. Trust us. You will fall in love, we promise.

4. Balthazar Bakery (80 Spring Street)

4Balthazar Bakery_Yelp
[via Yelp]

This beautiful little bakery specializes in the sweet and the savory.

You can get a kick-ass breakfast here that rivals your favorite brunch-- blasphemous, I know-- with dishes like prosciutto cotto on a brioche roll or smoked salmon tartine on pullman bread.

is where the bread is freshly baked, authentic, and comes in a great variety of sweet and savory flavors.

You can also get a delicious thin crusted pizza that's homemade, fresh, and strictly Italian, and then wash your lunch or dinner down with a delightful Italian pastry.

Balthazar also makes beautiful breads, including cranberry, raisin, and pecan bread and kalamata olive loaves. You can expect a killer cake from Balthazar, like the red velvet or the chocolate mousse to name a few.

5. Sullivan Street Bakery (533 West 47th Street)

[via Mike Chau/]
[via Mike Chau/]

Sullivan Street Bakery