Ladies and gents: that New York City Flyer Dude, also known as Manhattan's self proclaimed most-eligible bachelor, is back.

Just this week, that “Looking for a Girlfriend” guy Dan Perino captured the media's attention yet again-- this after he plastered thousands of flyers throughout NYC last summer in the search of love.

However, those countless model hookups seem to have left Perino in a predicament where he's unable to find wifey material out there in the lonely metropolis of NYC.

In this interview with Daily Show producer, Jena Friedman, Perino makes several awkward/failed attempts at swooning Friedman.


Friedman then asks Perino to take a rapid AIDS test on camera. Though the outcome (whatever that may be) is no a laughing matter, you've seriously got to just watch this guy in action.

Take a peek at the clip below, and try not rolling your eyes-- because yes, you may find that difficult to not do at times.

Umm... is this dude forreal?

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[via ANIMALNewYork]

[Featured Image Courtesy: The Roosevelts]

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