Drink, Do, and Dine: 8 Best Ways to Spend Your Free Time In NYC This Spring

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Yes, it’s finally gorgeous in New York City. Thank the heavens, right?

Now, when you want to go outside you can just... go outside. It's that simple.

You don’t have to worry about those pesky winter items, no more wondering where the hell you put your gloves and hat, and you will no longer will you fall prey to jacket thieves at bars.

Besides the multitude of day trips that are suddenly possible, there are a bunch of other things about the fact that it’s finally effin' spring that are exciting.

What else rocks about the fact that there's finally some good weather in NYC? Read on to find out, ma chérie.

1. Ice cream


If ice cream were a religion, I would be a part of that religion. I know you probably would too... don’t lie.

So for us NYC ice cream enthusiasts, winter can be an upsetting time. And that’s not just because it’s cold and desolate and there’s no sunshine. That’s not the depressing part about winter for ice cream enthusiasts.

Ice cream enthusiasts know the heartbreak of having your frozen hands tucked into coat pockets while you, head down, trudge past 16 Handles without even glancing inside. Glancing inside is just too painful.

We all stare wistfully after Big Gay Ice Cream while we’re on our way to lock ourselves in our apartments and eat hot soup forever.

So, now that it’s spring and we can grab our fro-yo to go and head off to the High Line to eat it, things have gotten a whole, whole lot better. Thanks spring!

2. Rooftop chilling


There are a few spectacular rooftop bars you need to hit up for happy hour ASAP.

In addition, if you're one of the fortuitous apartment owners who have their own roof deck, hell yea!

You can finally hang out up there. Invite all your friends over and share the love. Every New Yorker deserves to spend their Sundays just chilling on someone's roof deck.

3. Outdoor dining

smorgasburg When was the last time you ate a biscuit on a pier? In NYC? Thanks and repost from @robgullixson-- 61 degrees and sunny, with a 100% chance of #Smorgasburg ☀️🍴 #smorgasbird #chickenbiscuit #birdsandbubbles

There are certain foods NYers naturally gravitate towards now that the sun has returned into our lives.

Know what else is great? Eating outside.

What’s better than meeting up with a crew in the East Village, grabbing an outdoor table, and soaking up some rays while munching on meatballs? You get to feel the gentle springtime breeze rippling your face while you slurp down your margarita, and you also get to people-watch.

When the sun ricochets off NYC skyscrapers while you’re sitting outside, eating a delicious meal, it’s pretty difficult to hate life. We can do this whenever we want now, unless it’s raining outside. Thanks to springtime. #SpringHype

4. Spring clothing


Am I the only one super stoked about sundresses? Or guys (and girls), how excited are you for muscle Ts? So excited!?

I’m not trying to enforce heteronormativity, either. You can totally wear sundresses if you want, because I will certainly be wearing muscle Ts along with my backwards baseball cap.

But I’m in a romantic relationship with my sundresses, because they’re pretty and relaxed and make me feel comfortable in any situation and they’re always there for me. And now I can wear them whenever I want. Score.