#TBT: Drinking on the Subway?!? Yup, the MTA's Boozy "Bar Car" Once Really Did Exist

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It's terrifying to think of what would happen if New Yorkers were legally allowed to buy and drink alcohol on the New York City subway, but there was a time when this was a reality.

In the early 1960's, the MTA created a "bar car" to promote New York City's Transit system's cleanup campaign.

The 'bar car' spanned from Times Square to South Ferry and did a single roundtrip.

You see, the "bar car" was a rather posh way to get sloshed during the commute, equivalent to the first-class airline travel of today.

As you can see from these amazing throwback photos below, it was a luxurious little car with plush carpeting, draped curtains, and pastel lighting where the bartender served stress-ridden straphangers champagne and bagels.

[via The Subway Maven]
[via The Subway Maven]

NYC Subway
[via The Subway Maven]

[via The Subway Maven]

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[via  Untapped Cities]