Life is #Instagood: 5 Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game Right Now

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Spring has sprung and New Yorkers everywhere can rejoice in the fact that they can now drink iced coffee, stroll to work in a temperature without getting frostbite, and most importantly, sunbathe near the fountain in Madison Square Park.

But one can’t simply do such things without properly documenting it on Instagram, right? Right.

Our friends over at Headlines & Heroes agree, so they gave us their 5 favorite accessories to make your Instagram photos stand out.

Life is #Instagood.

1. The EyeScope For iPhone

[via Headlines and Heroes]

If there’s one thing the Instagram community can agree on, it’s that New York City architecture will guarantee a lot of double taps.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are only so many photos of One World Trade that your Insta-feed can handle.

It’s time to get creative with your city shots, like capturing the hidden faces carved into the Woolworth Building. But with the iPhone’s crappy zoom, it can be a real challenge trying to capture all the details ten stories up.

Looks like you could really use the EyeScope For iPhone right about now. This smartly designed zoom lens clicks right onto your iPhone to add an 8x optical zoom while keeping the image sharp and clear.

I'd double tap that!

2. The Snappgrip

[via Headlines and Heroes]

Capturing New York’s hottest places and faces is exactly the material you need to make waves on IG.

Like that time you and Alex  showed Paulina and Snoop how to properly sculpt their physiques in Bryant Park. Sadly, the last time that happened, your iPhone didn’t have the photo capabilities to get the right shot, or the recognition you deserved.

So next time, invest in the Snappgrip. This iPhone case takes your iPhone camera to the next level, adding real camera controls to your iPhone such as shutter, focus, zoom, and shooting mode.

So it’ll be easy to capture every cut of Paulina’s abs. #Instafit.

3. The iPhone Shutter Grip

[via Headlines and Heroes]

Nothing makes you angrier than a missed opportunity— except a missed opportunity to Instagram.

Case in point, that time you spotted T-Swift and Kanye shooting the shit at The Spotted Pig. Right when you were about to prove to the Insta-world that the two could co-exist, your awkward camera app quit before you could capture the moment. Dammit!

If only you had the iPhone Shutter Grip to help you document your sighting, you’d be upwards of a million likes. The Shutter Grip’s familiar photo and video buttons allow you to grip your phone like a camera and snap photos with ease.

Now the only thing dropping will be jaws when your followers see your next ‘gram of you, Swifty and Yeezy sharing that crispy pig’s ear salad.

4. The Over Typography App

[via Headlines and Heroes]

Ever since you were a kid you’ve been told that you are wise beyond your years. With such wisdom seeping from your soul, it’s basically your civic duty to pass it on to everyone you know, including your followers.

Sounds to us like Over Typography App is calling your name.

The app lets you add text to your photos, in whatever size, font, alignment and color you want. After you’ve penned your brilliance, you can sit back and bask in all the glory that is your “A Day Without Coffee Is Like A Day Without Sunshine” post.

We feel you on that.

5. The Knog Expose Smart iPhone Light


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[via Headlines and Heroes]

Though New York is known for being the city of bright lights, sometimes the lights just aren’t bright enough to properly photograph you breaking into the High Line for an afterhours stroll. That’s a problem.

Luckily, the Knog Expose Smart iPhone Light is your solution. This was perfectly designed to attach to your iPhone and bathe your shooting subject in 130 lumens of light that matches the iPhone’s beam angle precisely so you’ll be ready to shoot wherever, whenever.

Darkness be damned.

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[Feature image courtesy of Tumblr]