Baaaaaa! Did You Know There's a Little Lamb Hoofin' Around NYC?

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 A couple had a little lamb in Brooklyn and everywhere that couple went, the lamb was sure to go. (Yes, even brunch!)

A few weeks back, a baby lamb made an appearance at a trendy Greenpoint restaurant called Five Leaves and shocked many passers-by.

โ€” nick ramsey (@nick_ramsey) March 17, 2015

The baby sheep was relatively well-behaved, spending much time on its owners' laps and walking around a bench for a bit.

[via Chad Rachman]

[via Chad Rachman]

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[via Chad Rachman]

The lamb didn't partake in any eating, but whether or not it saw the restaurant menu containing lamb shepherd's pie and a lamb pho dip sandwich remains a mystery. Its owners' merely sipped water.

The cause of the lamb's attendance is unknown, but it's most likely just this couple's quirky pet. Dogs are allowed at the Five Leaves patio, so why not sheep, right?

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[Featured Image Courtesy: Chad Rachman]