Ever wonder what New York City's local celebs do when they're not dancing the day or night away?

No Your City has created an 8-part mini-docu series that offers an inside peek into the lives of fascinating and crazed lives of some of New York's famous street characters.


In the first episode, the show profiles the fabulous Qween Amor (you might recognize him from his serenade performances around the Union Square Station).

In the episode, this thong-wearing twerker is not afraid to sing and dance anywhere and everywhere he wants.

Gay people were not meant to fit into society… We were meant to stand out and live bright and be loud… Because it was our God given right to do so.

Check out the awesome clip below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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[via ViewingNYC]

[Featured Image Courtesy: Harry James Hanson]

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