Is a Katz's Deli Outpost Coming to Brooklyn's Massive Food Hall in 2016?

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Another day in New York City, another gigantic food hall announced-- this time right in the heart of buzzing, downtown Brooklyn.

Yesterday the developer of City Point, an enormous housing and retail development currently in construction on Dekalb Avenue, proudly announced that the building will officially be home to Dekalb Market Hall, a massive 26,000-square-foot food hall with room to house approximately 50 food vendors.

Slated to open in 2016, the market will serve as the premier food hub for residents, workers, and visitors to the borough, providing a curated mix of both local and regional dining options.

So who's on board thus far?

Officially, there's going to be Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue, Elmhurst's well-know Arepa Lady, an outpost of Steve's Ice Cream, and pizza from the folks over at Forcella-- as well as a counter serving crepes and a bar serving fresh pierogis. Anyone else hungry yet?

But perhaps most notably of all, and what should make this overcast Tuesday a hell of a lot easier to get through is this:

Katz's Deli is rumored to be considering opening a location in this market hall as well, which would undoubtedly be the biggest move for not only the almost 130-year-old East Houston Street icon, but the entire borough of Brooklyn (well at least since the Dodgers moved out West to Los Angeles, right?).

Check out the video below to see more details on

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