Got a Sweet Tooth? Here's 12 Delicious Desserts to Indulge Yourself in NYC

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Everybody has a little sweet tooth. If you don't, then you probably don't even have a soul...

Kidding, kidding. Of course you have a soul.

The thing about dessert is that it comes in so many different shapes, sizes, and dishes that everyone has a favorite (or three) that they choose by default.

For most, it's ice cream, preferably something vanilla-ish or chocolate-y.

Or maybe it's warm, freshly baked apple pie with a generous dollop of cold vanilla ice cream on top, juxtaposing temperatures and flavors to make something beautiful for taste buds everywhere.

Bottom line is, whatever your taste in desserts might be, New York City has something sweet for you. Check out these 12 delicious desserts that will make you want to skip dinner and go straight for dessert.

1. Sedutto (1498 1st Avenue)

[via Yelp]
[via Yelp]

This UES ice cream shop has everything that you could ever imagine to make the perfect ice cream sundae for you, but I say you should come here to try one of their flavors of wine ice cream.

I'm not making this up.

They literally have wine ice cream, to the tune of chocolate cabernet, sangria, and red raspberry chardonnay. Drinking wine while eating ice cream might not be your first choice, but eating wine ice cream will instantly become a favorite of yours.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (125 East 7th Street)

biggayicecream One damned sexy-looking Rocky Roadhouse. Photo by @_mycameraeatsfirst.

If you haven't had a Salty Pimp from the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop already, I suggest that you drop whatever you are doing at this moment and go have one. Why?

Because soft serve vanilla ice cream dipped in salted caramel and a hard chocolate shell.

3. L'Arte del Gelato (75 9th Avenue)


This gelato chain has locations in Chelsea Market, the High Line, and Lincoln Center, and as their name would suggest, gelato is truly an art form here.

What could be better than strolling these wonderful treasured city streets, basking in the glow of a long, gorgeous cone of your favorite flavor(s) of gelato?

Probably nothing-- but that's why you live here, right?

4. Levain Bakery (167 West 74th Street)

[via Howie L/]
[via Howie L/]

Levain Bakery is famous for their larger than life cookies that are crunchy, chocolatey, and best served warm and fresh.

Their best known cookie is their chocolate chip (with or without walnuts), and their double chocolate-- both of which are legendary in the NYC baked goods scene.

5. Baked (359 Van Brunt Street - Brooklyn)

brooklynbaker Seasonal Whoopie: Raspberry Lemon. #bakedredhook #bakedtribeca

Red Hook is a cool up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn that is definitely worth checking out, but their Baked location is even more of an incentive. Baked has everything you could imagine, and their passion for and pride in their baked goods is tangible in every bite of their bars, cookies, brownies, and whoopie pies.

Their oatmeal cookies have dried cherries (because raisins are so 1915, you know?) and their brownies are chocolatey and sometimes finished with a dash of sea salt.


6. Dough (448 Lafayette Avenue - Brooklyn)

is doing big things with donuts, and I dare you not to buy a life-size box, with every kind of donut imaginable inside.

Their standouts are the cafe au lait (a glazed donut topped with coffee beans, brown sugar, and pecans) and the lemon poppyseed (a donut glazed with lemon juice and poppyseeds.)


These donuts are anything but boring--they incorporate flavors from all around the world, and they're perfectly thick without being greasy and yucky.