Only in NYC: 7 Genius Ways Struggling New Yorkers Can Earn an Extra Buck

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So, we live in an expensive city where you’re constantly cursing your propensity for spending hoards on expensive Thai dinners (or does that just happen to me?).

Luckily, this isn’t just a city of creative genius and intuition for those of us who only happen to be rich.

The other 99% can get creative about securing some cash too. How, you wonder?

Well, read on to learn about 7 creative ways to earn some extra cash in New York City.

1. Become a street performer  


So, I’m not very good at many instruments, and I haven’t played any of them seriously since I got thrown out of the middle school band. But I imagine this would be a very cool way to earn money in NYC. You want some money?

Well, grab your trumpet and head off to the nearest subway stop, leave your case open, and jam out for a couple of hours.

From what I’ve heard from my busking friends is that the pay is actually pretty reliable. While you may not rake in hoards, you’ll be able to count on the same amount of money every Tuesday.

It kind of weirds me out that something so funky would be so predictable, but that’s what I’ve heard.

I also heard there’s some kind of weird territory rules associated with busking, and if someone knows them, can you please explain them to me? Is there someone I have to ask for permission before I get high and jam out on bongo drums at my subway stop?

Because I’m definitely planning to try this out this summer.

2. Become a nude model


Did you know you can sign up to have your naked body drawn for art classes at Columbia or New York University?

While it may be difficult to keep your body consorted into strange shapes for hours at a time, this is definitely an idea that doesn't require too much skill (I apologize in advance to anyone who feels that nude modeling is an occupation that requires a great deal of skill).

The School of Visual Arts offers $18 an hour, the National Academy offers $12 per hour, and finding an artist willing to pay more than a hundred on Craigslist is always a possibility (though you should find a way to make sure they’re not sketchy first).

3. Sell your clothes


There are some dope-ass spots in NYC, like Cadillac’s Castle and Crossroads Trading Company, who are willing to buy your clothes.

And if you’re like me, your drawers and closets are probably clogged up with way too many sweaters, jeans and dresses, while your bank account stands shamefully, glaringly empty in comparison.

So spend a day clearing that sh*t out. Here’s a good rule: if you haven’t worn it yet since you’ve lived in NYC, it’s probably time you made some cash off it.

If you’re going to sell your clothes to Crossroads Trading, keep in mind that they’re usually only interested in buying the clothes of the current season. And that they only want nice stuff. Bringing them ripped clothing will probably not yield much success.

And the amount of money they’ll offer you in store credit will always be way higher than the amount of cash they’re willing to offer, but take the cash anyway. You can’t buy groceries with store credit.

4. Become a babysitter

[via Chris Hondros/nymag]

So, while this one may seem a bit obvious, trust me. I’m about to wow you.

Remember that time when we lived in a high profile city, with a bunch of rich and famous people all chilling in their midtown brownstones?

Yeah, those people have overprivileged children who will one day be the weirdest, smartest people in their group of friends, and those children need babysitters.

And yes, that babysitter can be you. And many NYC families are willing to pay from $30 to $35 an hour. This is a pretty straightforward job that can land you some cash, even though you’ll definitely have to work for your meal.

[via Chris Hondros/nymag]