9 Refreshing Foods New Yorkers Automatically Gravitate Towards Now That It's Spring

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Spring is finally here!

As the weather gets warmer, we'll all be making many exchanges between our winter and spring/summer lifestyles.

We'll put away our chunky sweaters that skillfully camouflage our winter bodies and break out our strappy sundresses and our sexy short shorts. Our salt covered snow boots shall be strewn aside as we slip our feet into new sneakers and sandals.

We'll power off the heat, but not quite yet power on the air conditioning.

And, of course, we'll welcome our favorite spring foods, to the tune of cool and refreshing dishes and drinks.

So as the weather gets warmer, you'll probably find yourself gravitating towards these 9 refreshing foods in NYC...

1. Salads

shaym Too pretty to eat... but I did. ๐Ÿ˜

Now that veggies are making a come back, so can your beach bod. Salads are both fresh and refreshing, loaded with lush greens and crunchy, zesty twists.

You'll notice that your favorite salad places, like Just Salad, Chop't and Sweetgreen, will become overwhelmingly popular again, and that's because in spring, green is the new black.

2. Raw fruits

[via We Heart It]

Is it just me, or do all my favorite fruits just, like, totally go missing once fall starts?

With spring back in action, all of the best fruits will be in season again, including but not limited to peaches, nectarines, and berries.

And they'll be fresh and home grown instead of weird and imported. Can't wait!

3. Ice cream

icecreamking Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play todayโšพ๏ธ #HappyOpeningDay #GoYanks via @kosherkaufman #icecreamofinsta #foodintheair

I can't live without ice cream, it's almost alarming. Don't you want to enjoy ice cream in a situation other than devouring a pint of Ben and Jerry's under a fleece blanket?

Once spring officially hits, I will be at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop with a Salty Pimp melting down the cone and cone protector onto my hands and all over my face because when it comes to ice cream, I eat like a child.

See you there?

4. Frozen yogurt

milkbarstore sunny days call for a stop at our soho window for birthday cake soft serve! ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ˜Ž milkbarlife.com

Arguably, froyo is probably more of a spring food than ice cream is, but I'm putting both.

Froyo is pretty great because it's customizable, but it's just not practical to get it to go when it's not warm out. Also, froyo is like the perfect reward to a nice spring jog, and it's practically everywhere in the city.

See you there, too.

5. Juices and smoothies

[via Instagram/KarlieKloss]

Might as well put all those fruits and vegetables to good use, right?

These sweet, healthy beverages are refreshing and invigorating, and there is nothing like pairing a tall drink of smoothie with a stroll through the city on a sunny, warm day.

[via Instagram/KarlieKloss]