The Hustle of This 10-Year-Old CEO Will Put Any New Yorker to Shame

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“Mr. Cory’s success comes not only from his delicious treats, but from his incredibly positive attitude, big imagination and drive to succeed.”

Do you know any 10-year-old CEOs? Me neither. Well, not until I read about Mr. Cory.

He’s the owner of his very own cookie company, Mr. Cory's Cookies, and according to his website he makes his cookies “with love and care-- no preservatives.” As a result, his cookies should be “consumed within 2 days for optimal freshness.”

Since when did any American company care about "optimal freshness?" How many preservatives to Americans consume a day? Probably hoards, but if you're eating Mr. Cory's cookies, you won't be.

That’s right, he’s only ten. And yeah, while that does make me feel a little bad about myself, I’m mostly amazed with this kid who started a company because he wanted to make the world better for the people around him.

To put it mildly: I’m not surprised he’s had so much success. And he’s changing the world. At ten years old.

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But that’s the thing. In addition to his shimmering, youthful entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Cory also has business ethics to boot. He cares about his customers.

On the about page of Mr. Cory’s Cookies website, he's quick to state that his “Delectable cookies are all natural and made from high-quality ingredients-- not wacky ingredients with names that you can’t pronounce.”

Thanks Mr. Cory. As though I didn’t love you enough already, now you’re concerned about making sure I’m consuming real cane sugar rather than glucose, and that my cookies aren’t just delicious but also decent for my body.