22 Moments Your NYC Doorman Puts Up With More Sh*t Than You Realize

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If you're one of those New Yorkers who are lucky enough to live in a doorman building, have you ever stopped to think about all of the dirty lil' secrets he knows?

Like all of the times you came home after a night of heavy drinking with a one-night stand? Or how about the time you stumbled in with 15 people for one of those ridiculous after-parties?

You see, whether or not you remember those nights doesn't matter. Because your doorman definitely does.

In fact, he probably knows more about you than even your own mother does.

Here's 22 moments your New York City doorman puts up with more sh*t than you'll ever even realize.

1. When you parade home in an ungodly state of mind at 4 a.m. with a box of pizza in hand


It's not just any pizza, it's Artichoke pizza...

2. ... And you don't even offer him a slice


Bye Felicia!

3. When you drunkenly confide in the doorman about how your friends left you at the club


And you pretend like it never happened when you walk by him the next time.

4. When you ignore him 

giphy (7)

A smile and a "Hello!" will go a long way.

5. When your drug dealer stops by for a visit


And yes, they're judging you.

6. When multiple food delivery guys drop by daily because you refuse to cook (or even know how) 


Calling it a "Seamless" addiction is an understatement at this point.

7. When your side piece also drops by (who happens to be married)



8. When you come home with an absurd amount of shopping bags

giphy (2)

Because sometimes you've got nothing better to do.

9. When you bring your dog back home wearing coats, shoes, hair clips and bows


Seriously, spoiled.

10. When you ask your doorman to walk your dog


He's not a dog walker, yo!

11. And to watch your little brother too 


Nor is he a babysitter.

[via Daniel Goodman / Business Insider]