Here's Why I Need My Gay BFFs to Survive in NYC

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Carrie and Stanford, Will and Grace, Damien and Janice, Charlotte and Anthony... the bonds are unbreakable.

When people ask if I have a boyfriend, I tell them: “Yes, I have three.” Because I do. One straight boyfriend and two gay boyfriends (GBFs). I'm lucky to have two GBFs and they honestly complete my world.

I totally don't want to put all gay men into one category here and I don't want to stereotype, but I don't think I could do that if I tried.

I have as many gay friends as I do straight friends; they are completely unique and with differentiating characters-- exactly the same as my girlfriends.

For instance, one friend is a ball of sass and another friend is a cool handsome dude that girls hit on, and the rest are all that's in between.

I adore my girlfriends to the end and love what I have with them, but I can't get over the uniqueness of the relationship between me and my gay boyfriends. So I thought I'd write a sassy lil' list to note why they add such great value to my life in New York City.

They give me the best advice

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Whenever something bad happens or I'm crying in a bathroom with a bottle of gin (kidding), these boys are always there to listen, support me, drink the gin with me and offer me the best advice they can-- which always seems to be eye-opening.

Regardless of what I confide in them about, I never feel judged or ashamed, just endlessly loved and cared for, the same I do for them.

They don't take themselves too seriously

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Gay bars, straight clubs, dive bars, brunches, festivals or even a night-in with a bottle of wine is something you know you're going to spend doubled over laughing.

As they don't take themselves too seriously, all of my gay friends act a little outrageous and say things that make me wonder why they're not starring in their own TV show on Bravo.

They keep me grounded

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If any friend is going to set me straight, it's them. When I go a bit nuts and irrational, and then start to overanalyze things (as some of us girls oftentimes do), they are the ones to shake me.

To be honest, they do a far better job at this than my girlfriends do. In my opinion, GBFs have the mind of a male, but it's their energy that's feminine. That's what makes these guys the best advice givers.

They make a beautiful +1


I love bringing my GBFs to events and parties.

First of all, because I love their company.

Secondly, because not only do they know how to have a great time, but these boys are social butterflies who are bound to make some new friends. Not to mention they can become your boyfriend in a nanosecond if some slopster is trying to hit on you at the bar.