Can You Imagine Times Square in 3015 as a Mile-High Skyscraper?

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Architecture magazine eVolo holds an annual skyscraper-design competition, and the winning concepts are always amazing.

This year is absolutely no exception. An honorable mention goes out to Blake Freitas, Grace Chen, and Alexi Kararavokiris for their vision of Times Squared 3015, a 5,687-foot-tall tower that packs everything needed to live life into one dense vertical structure.

"Driving the concept of Manhattanization to new heights," their design includes: 1) apartments; 2) shopping malls; 3) natural landscapes, from a beach to a forest to mountains; 4) offices; 5) farms; 6) museums; 7) theaters; 8) schools; 9) sports fields; and 10) an observation deck on top that has "a city within a city."

So would you ever live in a skyscraper that's over one mile tall?

Times Squared - Evolo

Times Squared - Evolo 2

Times Squared - Evolo 3

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[via Curbed NY]