8 Heart-Wrenching Reasons Why Girls in NYC Struggle With Bikini Season

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One of the most daunting times of the year for women across the globe, and especially in New York City, is rapidly approaching.

You see, summer is nearing and for girls living in NYC, there will be no more drowning yourselves in six layers of clothing.

It's finally time to flash a lil' flesh and feel great in that teeny-weeny bikini. (Well, hopefully right?) But we all understand the struggles of this approaching season. Here are 8 of the most heart-wrenching ones...

1. The temptation

giphy (20)

Food. Everywhere. At all hours.

This city can be your biggest nightmare because of its endless, tempting cuisines. (And yes, the temptation does get drastically worse during THAT time of the month.)

2. Your location

giphy (21)

Don't be that girl in the pool with her t-shirt on. It becomes easier to ignore bikini season if you're living in NYC because you might not get to the beach all that often.

But don't be that forgetful; do you know how many rooftop pool parties, festivals, and park tanning sessions go down?

Yeah... tons.

3. Being social

giphy (22)

For us girls, one of the worst things for our bikini bodies is boozing.

It especially sucks because when the weather gets warmer, there's nothing more you want than to hangout at open-air bars with your BFFs and countless pitchers of sangria.

4. Gym motivation

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Do you think because you got a little sweat on your forehead from walking to work that your workout is done?

Stop kidding yourself! Get to the gym, change the workout up, or just take a class if you're not feeling it today.

5. Late night dinners

giphy (25)

New Yorkers like to eat late, any day of the week. But really, this is something that should be avoided at all costs; haven't you heard of that 7 p.m. rule?

Oh, and definitely do not go to dinner with that one friend you have. You know, the friend who can literally eat all of the pasta and pizza in this city and not gain an ounce... ugh.

6. Body hair

giphy (28)

You can get away with not being on top of sh*t during winter.

And then summer hits, and you're presented with one more chore (as if you don't have enough to do as it is). It either takes an extra 30 minutes out of your day or an extra $30 out of your account every couple of weeks.

Talk about high maintenance.

7. Evil food

giphy (26)

You should kiss goodbye to pizza, bagels, sandwiches, breakfast pastries, and basically anything that's delicious.

You should also kiss hello to all of the gluten-free restaurants in NYC. Or at least all of the healthy ones, am I right?

8. Drunken mistakes

giphy (27)

This is, by far, NYC's biggest fat trap when you're trying to get in shape.

You know that when you have a day or evening off from the gym and decide to have a couple drinks with your friends, things can start to snowball pretty quickly. A couple drinks can turn into 6 drinks and 3 shots of tequila real quick.

The next thing you know, you're using that last bit of cash you have on you to pay the cashier at Papaya Dog.

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