7 Frightening Signs You're Legit Becoming an Adult

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Being in your 20s means that you're on the cusp of becoming an adult. Yes, technically we have all been adults since turning 18, but for many of us, we didn't really realize that we were actually becoming adults until like... now.

I'm on the verge of graduating from college, and when I was eighteen, I didn't really take life too seriously. As far as I was concerned, I was still a kid in most people's eyes.

Now, I'm getting a preview of what life will be like when I'm on my own and it's scary, exhilarating, and a lot of times, I wish it would stop.

Becoming a full-fledged grown-up can be terrifying at times, and you might even feel like the grandma or grandpa of your group. Ahhhh, let's just not grow up. Ever. One can only wish, right?

Here are the 7 frightening signs that you're legit becoming an adult living in New York City.

1. You're really stressed out by money. All the time


You're always having #brokepersonproblems.

Seriously, having money in New York is such a constant struggle. Granted, you've been broke since college, but now it's even more of a burden. Sorry, no more spending sprees at Urban Outfitters or spontaneous piercings/tattoos for you.

You feel like you can never save enough money, so you scrimp to the best of your ability. From having your drinks bought by strangers at the bar to using Visa gift cards that you got for the holidays as your way of paying for life's essentials, you've got this saving money thing on lock.

2. All your conversations are now suddenly preoccupied by jobs, school, or who you're dating


When you hang out with friends you haven't seen in a while or you reunite with family for a special occasion, you notice that your conversations all move in the same direction. All the time.

"How was school?" "What did you major in?" "Where do you work?" "What do you want to do after you graduate?" "Any special boys or girls in your life?" "Are you seeing anyone?"

Whoa, take a step back there, amigo. Can't we just talk about Power Rangers or something?

3. You now spend your grocery money wisely


Did we... just see you picking up... Brussels sprouts?

When you go to the grocery store, you no longer make a beeline for chips and salsa, ramen noodles, several pints of Ben and Jerry's, and Oreos. You can actually cook now, so while these luxurious guilty pleasures are still in your life, they are no longer the major components of your diet.

Plus, you've become the master of hosting dinner parties at your place, and you can't serve your peeps cups of noodles for dinner.

4. You now prefer only going out once/weekend


After work on Friday, you're always super shot, so your first instinct isn't to turn up anymore. No thanks, you'll spend the night on your sofa hanging out with friends or roomies. Low-key environments have officially become your forte.

Don't be silly, you're not an old person! Stop checking your face for wrinkles! That's what Saturday nights are for, right?