Then and Now: One Artist Incredibly Melds Vintage NYC With Contemporary Shots

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New Yorker Dan Kafalas has created some pretty dope images of New York City's greatest landmarks using an app called Timera.

Timera is unique composing app that allows users to create “then and now” photos, and Dan went ahead and melded vintage photographs of NYC's icons with contemporary ones from the same location.

Check out Dan's artwork below. Isn't it cool to see the little ways in which these landmarks have changed over the years, yet still somehow remain the same?

[via Daniel Mark/Untapped Cities]

[via Daniel Mark/Untapped Cities]

[via Daniel Mark/Untapped Cities]

[via Daniel Mark/Untapped Cities]


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[via Daniel Mark/Untapped Cities]

[via Daniel Mark/Untapped Cities]

[via Untapped Cities]

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