Reality Check: 7 Dead Giveaways Your Hookup Is Bullsh*tting You

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In this millennial climate, lots of people aren’t looking to date. They just want to hookup.

Asking “Hey, what are we?” too soon is definitely not a good look.

No matter what your hookup says, actions speak louder than words. So how can you weed out the bullsh*tters and decipher which hookups are for real? If you're on the fence, here are 7 signs your hookup is a poser.

1. Doesn’t want to cuddle


So you’ve done the deed; you gripped each other’s hips and pressed skin against sweaty skin. Congratulations.

But what happens when he falls soft, and you extricate yourselves from each other’s grasps? Do you hold each other for a few seconds of recovery cuddle? No?

Smells a little stinky to me.

2. Introductions


Does he introduce you to his friends? Great. That's is a phenomenal sign. Do you like them? Even better. It means he has good taste.

Don’t panic if this doesn’t happen straightaway; it’s much better to build a solid, intimate rapport with each other before either one of you brings the other one into your social circle.

Have you been hooking up consistently for three weeks or more, and he still doesn’t bring you around his friends? Well, that's is a bad sign. Maybe he’s afraid one of his friends will let on about the other unknowing hookups he’s bullshitting.

3. Sleepovers


Come on ... think about it. Your bed is totally your most intimate, personal space. Whenever I get it on with someone I don’t care about, I am counting the minutes until I can throw them out of my bed.

The reverse is also true: when I’m into someone, I want to sleep with them. I want to count their breaths and hear their snores and watch their chest rise and fall.

I also want to wake up next to them and have do it again in the morning.

If either one of you is reluctant to spend the night, it reeks of emotional distance...

And of course, bullsh*t.