Brooklyn Does Food Better: 20 Reasons You'll Want to Stuff Your Face at Smorgasburg 2015

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The weather's getting warmer. Hot lattes are becoming cold brewed iced coffees. Girls are swapping sweaters for sundresses. But for foodies, the spring brings great and delicious things to town.

That's right, folks.

The 2015 season of Smorgasburg will reopen the first weekend in April: Saturdays at East River State Park (Kent Ave. and North 7 Street) on the Williamsburg waterfront; and Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Parkโ€™s Pier 5. Both locations are open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Naturally, it's a new year, so you should expect that new food will also be debuting alongside Smorgasburg. Here's an amazing list of new vendors that you'll definitely want to check out.

Oh, and you're welcome. Obviously.

1. Big Mozz x Atlantic Avenue

[via Jane Bruce/ ]

Mozzarella is best served fresh, and that's all you can expect from Big Mozz x Atlantic Ave.

Mozz pops (because the best foods are served on sticks) and a pesto injected ball of mozzarella called "The Bomb," amongst many other locally made delicious treats are the spectacle here.

2. Curd's the Word

[via Facebook]
[via Facebook]

If you're not in the know about fried cheese curds, then what's your excuse?

Imagine pillowy balls of fried cheese melting in your mouth, and then check this place out so you can understand why curd is, in fact, the word.

3. Piece of Velvet

[via Facebook]
[via Facebook]

So you knew about red velvet cake being a thing, but how about coconut green velvet or vanilla velvet?

That's what Piece of Velvet will give you: a rainbow of velvet cakes that are all divine in their own right.

4. Shuka

[via Facebook]
[via Facebook]

This eggscellent (get it?) food truck comes to Smorgasburg this spring serving nothing but the best renditions of the Israel classic shakshuka, or poached eggs, served in a tomato sauce with spices.

5. Best Buds Burritos

[via Scott Lynch/Flickr]
[via Scott Lynch/Flickr]

Best Buds brings the best of California-Mexican food, specifically San Diego burritos that you can bond with as you devour them.

6. Tango Chile Sauce

Tango Chile Sauce
[via Tango Chile Sauce]

First you choose mild, medium, or hot, then proceed to drizzle or drown your meal in Tango's sauce (whichever you prefer).

7. von Kava

vonkava And we're off! Check us out this summer at Smorgasburg and on Grubstreet!

Bring your appetite and your dining etiquette before you sit down to von Kava's four-course tasting menu. Not your usual for Smorgasburg, but hey, we don't hate it.

8. Dorset Maple Reserve

[via Facebook ]
[via Facebook ]

Now you can have pure, farm-made Vermont maple syrup that's sweet, rich, and right here in NYC. Breakfast just got sooooo much better, amirite?

9. Goa-taco

[via Mike Chau/]
, a Lebanese flatbread topped with either sweet or savory extras.

[via Mike Chau/]

Mexican-Asian fusion foods may be all the rage in NYC right now, but once you try Goa-taco, you'll wonder why it's not Indian-Mexican fusion.

These tacos are made inside a paratha, a traditional Indian flatbread, and are to die for (well, not literally, but you know what we mean).

10. Manousheh

[via Facebook ]
[via Facebook ]

Middle Eastern food lovers will rave for manousheh