Zero F*cks Given: 11 Things New Yorkers Need to Stop Caring About

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Not long ago, I came across an article by Mark Manson which truly shifted my perspective on things in life. The article is called “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fu*k,” and oh my, does he hit the nail on the head.

If you haven't read this incredible piece of writing I command you to do so, because it may just have the same effect on you as it did on me.

In a nut shell, it makes any reader realize just how much energy we waste on dumb sh*t-- energy that doesn't need to be wasted.

Then I thought further, who are branded as the angriest, rudest, whatever the fu*k people want to call us? New Yorkers.

We know some things are annoying, but must we continue to complain about it? It's not gonna change anything other than worsening our mood.

So I'm going apply this article to 11 things New Yorkers give too many fu*ks about. (P.S.- stop wasting your fu*ks. Life is too short.)

1. TWC

giphy (29)

If you don't like it, switch to Verizon!

2. The L train

giphy (31)

Look, you may have to hang around for a bit, but at least you're not living in a place where you have to walk 8 miles to work and back.

Plus the subway can be highly entertaining.

3. Subway people

giphy (33)

The types of subway people taking up more than one seat with their bag, or the types manspreading, or the types playing music.

It truly doesn't deserve one of your fu*ks, trust me.

4. The weather

giphy (34)

It could always be worse.

5. Cash-only places

giphy (35)

This certainly shouldn't get to us the way we let it.

6. Slow walkers

giphy (30)

There's a simple solution: walk around them.

7. Uber surge-pricing 


There are many alternatives you know...

8. That Trader Joe's line

giphy (36)

Chill bro, the line moves quicker than it looks. Plus you knew what you were getting yourself into!

Next time go elsewhere.

9. People being slow at turnstiles

giphy (37)

That shouldn't be enough to tip you off and ruin your day.

Besides most of the time it's the machine's fault...

10. Other peoples umbrellas

giphy (38)

Yeah, it's annoying when someone nearly takes your eye out, but that person is usually long gone by the time you realize what happened.

Plus your eyeball is still in tact. So relax.

11. Cab drivers

giphy (39)

Sure, they can be rude for no reason, but (at times) so is the rest of NYC. Deal with it.

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