Top Secret: 7 More Hidden Restaurants & Bars to Find in NYC

Speakeasies in New York City have officially become a thing, and there's always new batch of secret establishments being whipped up.

But everyone knows that in this city, nothing stays secret for too long. And let's be honest, it's very easy to walk by a secret spot that you don't know about-- especially if it's deliberately disguised.

Lately, seriously cool places have been popping up on the NYC radar, and some are quite simply a must-try.

So are you ready to try some new spots that get that coveted #topsecret seal of approval?

From a fun, speakeasy-style lounge above a famous burger joint to an Asian tapas-style restaurant hidden behind a graffiti door, here are 7 more hidden restaurants & bars to discover in NYC this spring (but try not to get lost finding these spots, eh?).

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1. The Garrett (296 Bleecker Street)


One of the newer additions to secret spots within New York City, this place sits above the infamous Five Guys in the West Village. (As if getting drunk could be anymore appealing, right?)

It has a typical speakeasy entrance inside Five Guys towards the back registers, and once up the stairs, you'll find that you've arrived.

This hidden gem is cool for its ambience, decor, and smashing cocktails, yet quirky enough because of its plush, vintage couches and cool artwork by local artists like Bradley Theadore.


2. SRO (334B Bowery)

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Have you been to SRO (Single Room Occupancy) yet? (Otherwise known as NYC's first and only pizza speakeasy.)

This very cute, very quaint gem sits in the East Village, behind a secret door inside of Espoleta and yes, you must have a password in order to enter.

How someone didn't think of this concept (a pizza-serving speakeasy) any sooner we'll never know, as it's every New Yorker's trifecta of dreams: speakeasy, booze, and pizza.

Amazing, we know.

3. Kuma Inn (113 Ludlow Street)


Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this Lower East Side spot, because there's a very good chance you'll walk right past it.

There are two wonderful things about this place that you must know ahead of time: first, they serve Asian-style tapas so flavorsome and delicious, they'll have you coming back for more, time and time again.

Secondly, it's a BYOB spot-- so if you fancy having dinner out and don't want to get bashed by pricey drinks, be sure to grab an inexpensive bottle of your favorite booze beforehand.


4. Luksus (615 Manhattan Avenue - Brooklyn)


Tucked in the back Greenpoint's trendy Torst, Luksus is where you're sure to get an incredible and unique Nordic dining experience (with the option of a beverage pairing as well).

Best seats in the house are at the bar, where you can take a peek as chef Daniel Burns and his team whip up those absolutely mouth-watering dishes nightly.


5. Bassanova Ramen (76 Mott Street)


New Yorkers across all five boroughs are dubbing this place for serving some of the tastiest ramen bowls in the entire city.

If you're ever in Chinatown and fancy something other than the normal Chinese food, the cash-only Bassonova Ramen is for you-- but be sure to keep an eye out, as it's discreetly tucked down a small stairwell on Mott Street.

Also, make note: one of their hybrid dishes, Tondaku Wadashi Green Curry Ramen, is thought of by many as the must-try on their menu.


6. Breakroom (83 Baxter Street) 


On a street overflowing with Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, it's likely you'd just walk right by this magical place.

But if you have heard about it already, then you already know: the hype is real.

Breakroom carries an L.A. vibe, with a west coast-inspired menu featuring tacos, burgers, pork belly sandwiches and more, all of which have New Yorkers ranting and raving.

Many are praising Breakroom with serving one of the best burgers in the city, as they're reasonably priced and could also be topped with absolutely any sauce imaginable.


7. Decoy (529-1/2 Hudson Street)


Decoy sits underneath the upscale Chinese restaurant Red Farm. This gem provides a cozy and casual dining experience with what's been hailed as the absolute best peking duck in the entire city.

Don't be fooled, however, there are many other dishes that will also blow your mind like lobster noodles, Kumomuto oysters, fish skin fries, and oxtail dumplings. (That's called a whole lot of pushing your palate to its boundaries.)

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