Meet the Ambitious Guy Who Rates Every $1 Slice in NYC

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Francisco Balagtas can stomach a whole lot of pizza and isn't even going to burn a hole in his wallet!

He has embarked upon a challenge to document and rate every dollar slice in the five boroughs of New York City.

1pizza_Francisco Balagtas
[via Francisco Balagtas]

He uses a specific rating system for each slice of pizza in which he rates cheese, sauce, and crust on a scale of 1-5. Francisco has created a method in which he eats every slice in the same way, in order to avoid skewed results.

dollarpizzaslicenyc Date: 12/27/2014 Time: 1:49 PM Location: Champion Pizza, 123 Essex St. (Between Rivington St. & Delancey St.), Manhattan Cheese: 4 Sauce: 4 Crust: 3 After some research via the interweb I found this location tucked away in the LES. This slice came off a fresh pie straight out of the oven. I was somewhat scared of burning the roof of my mouth but the temperature was surprisingly palatable. The crust bordered on the thinner side along with a non-existent outer end. The first bite was crisp, warm. It blended a quite flavorful sauce and a melted cheese almost perfectly. The slice had a moderate amount of grease on the drip test and a little soft on the traditional fold. Overall a great slice that actually had me reaching for another. The only downside is the dollar slice deal is only valid until 10:00 PM Recommend: Yes #dollarpizzaslicenyc #pizzabilitiesareeendless #livefasteatpizza #pizza #instapizza #pizzagram #nycdollarslice #nycpizza #dollarpizza #pizzaslice #pizzaparty #pizzalove #pizzaporn #pizzapics #pizzaislife #dollarslice #dollarslices #dollarslicepizza #nycpizzagram #newyorkpizza #nypizza #newyorkcity #newyorkstyle #nyceats #pizzalover #ilovepizza #lovepizza #loveatfirstslice #dailypizza

He photographs every slice on a paper plate and posts it on Instagram along with his findings. His Instagram posts show that he takes his pizza seriously (obviously).

Francisco includes the ratings for cheese, sauce, and crust, a detailed description of the slice, and last but not least, whether or not he recommends it. Only in NYC, amirite?

2pizza_Francisco Balagtas

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[via Francisco Balagtas]

For more of Balagtas journey, follow him on Instagram and Youtube.

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