#OnlyInNYC: 17 Obscure Foods You Can Find at the Corner Store

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New York City is definitely known for its originality in every facet of experience: we have awesome apartments, super strange people, eclectic bars, and stores that sell exclusively pickles and mayonnaise.

There’s almost nothing you can’t find, and that includes the selection of food at your local bodegas.

Sometimes, shopping at a bodega in NYC yields the kind of results that'll make your mind spin.

Who came up with these obscure snacks, and better yet, who’s buying them? Someone must be buying them. You’ve astounded us again NYC: here are a bunch of foods you will only find at the corner bodega.

1. Shrimp-flavored crackers

[via ny.eater]

Whose idea was this? Shrimp is delicious-- don’t get me wrong-- but who wants to eat shrimp flavored crackers?

This is confusing, and probably disgusting (although maybe it’s not... shrimp-flavored cup of noodles is pretty tasty).

2. Belgian waffles

[via ny.eater]

If you haven’t tried these, get downtown and find yourself a bodega and buy them. They will change your world.

Better yet, put them in the microwave for thirty or so seconds, and get ready for a party in your mouth.

3. "Angry Birds Fruit Gummies"

[via ny.eater]

Hilarious. Why don’t more cartoons have gummies in the shape of every character? My favorite thing about this rare snack is their declaration at the bottom: “Natural/Artificial Flavors.”

So which one is it?

4. Chocolate-covered apple chips

[via ny.eater]

Mmmm... why is this delicacy only found in NYC bodegas again? Can we expand the use of this snack to extend much further than just as a weird unicorn at NYC bodegas?

Apple chips are amazing, but I don’t get why anyone didn't think to dip them in chocolate sooner?

5. Chicken fried rice (bacon added)

[via ny.eater]

Ew! Why do you have to add bacon? Chicken fried rice is amazing on its own.

This must be the American interpretation of an already amazing dish. We don’t have to add bacon to everything, America. Some things are delicious on their own, and that means without bacon.

I know I’m probably breaking hearts here. My bad.

6. Orange thins

[via ny.eater]

I bet these “delicate Swedish cookies” are super popular in Sweden.

In America, the idea of “delicate cookies” seems pretty oxymoronic. Also, are they made from real oranges or are they some sort of orange flavored knockoff?

If they’re made from real oranges, I’m actually pretty on board, but if they’re a knock0ff... WTF?

7. “Black Popcorn That Turns Snow White”

[via ny.eater]

First of all: where did they get that picture of black corn? I have to believe that was photoshopped or doctored in some other way-- because to the best of my knowledge black corn doesn’t exist (although blue does, which almost looks black).

Second of all: what is the deal with this? Who thought it’d be a good idea to use a bag of popcorn to perpetuate racism? Well, at least they're kosher, right?

8. “Souper Meal”

? Really?

[via ny.eater]

Okay, okay, "Souper Meal" producers, I respect the pun. Your humorous effort has been noted.

Is your soup as good as "Cup Noodles," though?

A fun puns with a lil' double entendre is no substitute for delicious, sodium packed instant soup. Are we clear?

9. "Bowl Noodle Soup"

[via ny.eater]

Again... you’re not "Cup Noodles."

Still, I respect the effort at your solid production of a tasty soup, but my only question is: why does the name of your product make me laugh out loud? Bowl Noodle