Hangover Cure Heaven: 10 Bangin' Brunches to Chow Down on in NYC

Brunch: a beacon of hope for all New Yorkers. It's the harmonic balance that occurs when you're not quite ready for lunch, but you haven't had breakfast either.

It's the perfect way to quell a raging hangover on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and it certainly pairs well with additional morning alcohol, such as mimosas and Bloody Mary's.

But brunch isn't all about the boozin' and shmoozin' with friends, you know. Brunch food is seriously delicious, and it definitely can become one of the most underrated parts of the brunch experience. Here are 10 places in the Big Apple where you can expect get a simply bangin' brunch.

1. Nice Matin (201 West 79th Street)

1Nice Matin
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"Matin" is French morning, and believe me, you will definitely have a nice morning if you check out this cute Upper West Side cafe.

Their menu has a great variety and a good enough selection between brunch classics and some French favorites, so it'll be really difficult to choose your breakfast.

Take it from me: the French toast, stuffed with strawberry preserves and mascarpone cheese, is totally to die for. And the croque madame (one of my personal favorite sandwiches that I will order anywhere I go) with ham, gruyere cheese, and a fried egg is simply amazing.


2. Sarabeth's (various NYC locations)

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Sarabeth's is already famous for their jarred food preserves, but that doesn't mean that you should overlook their restaurants for a brunch.

With a whopping five locations across the city (sweeping from the UWS and UES down all the way down to Tribeca), a Sarabeth's is probably just a few minutes from where you are.

When everything on the menu just sounds so unbelievably good, what do you order? Their egg menu is seemingly endless and not to mention super colorful with all the options available in your eggs, omelettes, or frittatas.

Or, you could opt for sweet breakfast-- live a little, would you?-- and try Sarabeth's creative and lovely dishes such as the lemon and ricotta pancakes or the apple-cinnamon french toast, all served with fresh fruit and a dash of powdered sugar.

3. Rose Water (787 Union Street - Brooklyn)

3Rose Water_yelp
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At Rose Water, brunch is prix fixe at $16 for any of their brunch specialities plus a drink of your choice. Not bad, right? And when you check out what Rose Water has on the menu, it'll be hard to turn down this deal.

Everything at this Park Slope spot is super fresh and made in the house, featuring local and regional produce.

The french toast is made from fresh challah bread, which is obviously the best and only way to make it, and their sandwiches are served with fries seasoned with pimenton (seasoned fries or GTFO).

And everything about the frittata with jalapeΓ±os, goat cheese, onions, and brussels sprouts screams yes.

4. Charlie's Bar and Kitchen (112 Lincoln Avenue - the Bronx)

4Charlie's Bar and Kitchen_yelp
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Weekend brunches are all the more fun with Motown brunch on Sundays! This Bronx brunch joint offers you cheap cocktails and brunch dishes that are full of soul (and not to mention delicious treats).

Have you ever had a breakfast burrito with short ribs, eggs, and Manchego cheese with home fries? Or an avocado toast that is so much more, featuring a fried egg, smoked salmon, and tomato?

This isn't soggy, greasy, and unoriginal breakfast food, people. So eat up, drink up, soak in the creativity behind all of Charlie's kick ass brunch dishes, and enjoy your weekend.


5. The Smile (26 Bond Street)

5TheSmile_Ana Mari Barquin_foodspotting
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The Smile brings Mediterranean-American fusion to all of their dishes, so this is definitely a can't-miss spot for brunch.

The bacon is glazed with maple, and the juice is freshly squeezed, but if you fancy the winning combination of eggs and avocado as much as I do, then try the baked eggs, because just to reiterate, there is seriously no better combination in this world (sorry, peanut butter and jelly) than eggs and avocado.

The waffles are not quite sweet, but fruit toppings like blueberry compote and orange cream will fix that right up for you.


6. Tartine (253 West 11th Street)

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This French bakery-bistro has become famous for its signature brunch, with all dishes fixed at $16.50 in a chill, low-key West Village location.

Their eggs benedict rank amongst the best brunch dishes in the entire city, served with spinach, Canadian bacon, or smoked salmon with a poached egg bedded on top of an English muffin and covered in savory hollandaise sauce.

Tartine also serves a BLT you can believe in, served on healthy and hearty 7-grain toast. Seriously, this place just exudes shear brunch awesomeness.


7. Sweet Chick (164 Bedford Avenue - Brooklyn)

7Sweet Chick_foodspotting
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If there was ever a food that seriously exemplifies what brunch should be, it has to be chicken and waffles. One part breakfast plus one part brunch equals a dictionary definition of brunch.

Sweet Chick, a Brooklyn restaurant that specializes in southern comfort cuisine, features many varieties of chicken and waffles on their dinner menu, but let's skip that for now, folks, because we came here for brunch.

During brunch, the dish is served in its most classic outfit: a belgian waffle with two pieces of moist, tender fried chicken. But please, don't leave this place without trying their chicken and waffles. That's what you came here for, duh!

8. Clinton Street Baking Company (4 Clinton Street)

8Clinton Street Baking Company_yelp
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There's no official brunch menu at Clinton Street Baking Company, but if you're like me and you lean towards the breakfast side when you go to brunch, then you'll want to come to this place

Clinton Street Baking Company consistently has some of the best pancakes in the city, and if that's what you're looking for, then look no further than this LES eatery. Breakfast is served all day, so you can make it brunch, lunch, or dinner if you want to.

You can choose your type of pancake, be it plain, blueberry, chocolate chunk, or banana nut. The pancakes are served warm with melty maple butter oozing down the sides of your pancakes. Yes, yes, yes please.

9. Sunshine Co. (780 Washington Avenue - Brooklyn)

9Sunshine Co_thistastesfunny_foodspotting
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This Brooklyn spot is just good vibes all around, with a happy atmosphere and great food to boot. Sunshine Co. prides itself on having really awesome food that uses the freshest ingredients, all for reasonable prices.

Baked eggs and hashes filled with healthy veggies and citrus french toast are all as fresh as fresh can be, and you'll savor every last bite of this feel-good food.


10. Agave (140 7th Avenue South)

10AgaveAmy Ellerman_foodspotting
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The breakfast burrito is evidence that Mexican food and brunch just work so well together, so if you're into a southwestern twist on the usual brunch dishes, then check out Agave.

You can count on breakfast delicacies being combined with classic Mexican dishes during Agave's brunch. The spicy cured chorizo will do the unthinkable and replace bacon in your mind when you eat here. Also, you've definitely had a breakfast burrito but have you had a breakfast quesadilla? *gasp*

Come here for a baller Mexican brunch, leave a thousand times happier, repeat.

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