Hey NYC Tourists, Here's How to Avoid Looking Like One

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New York City, home of 54.3 million tourists a year.

Everywhere you turn in NYC, you will probably be able to spot one. Most native New Yorkers sigh or made snide remarks when they even hear the word tourist. I’m not going to lie, sometimes they get in the way and it gets a little frustrating, but I’m not here to bash or hate on them.

Even when they walk zero miles per hour and get in my way, I still love seeing people coming to visit my city.  See, I’m here to help you enjoy my home, without looking like such a tourist.

So here's how-- and yeah, you might want to get your notebook out for this one.

Before you come to New York, learn how to walk as fast as you can (and how to dodge people as you walk)


Nothing annoys New Yorkers more than tourists who walk slower than snails, side by side, blocking entire sidewalks. It makes me want to scream and literally lose my sh*t.


If you are going to stop and look at a map or up at a tall building, please pull over to the side of the sidewalk-- unless you want to get shouldered or arm-barred (literally).

You’re not in the suburbs of Indiana, or South Carolina, or even some European mountainside; people have places to be at all times of the day and night here.

Act accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions

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I myself can't even read those subway maps; however, learn to approach the right people when asking for directions.

Note: don’t walk up to people with headphones on or people who look like they are in a hurry. I am 100% sure they are going to point you in any direction and have you walk around aimlessly. If someone doesn’t take (at the very least) four seconds to answer, then they are lying to you just so you will leave them alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask a cop or the guys who sell Halal food (unless they are super busy with customers) for help, as they’ll most likely help you out more than any busy New Yorker on their grind.

Stop dressing like Steve Irwin (may he rest in peace)


I can’t even count how many families I see walking around looking like Australian crocodile hunters.

Enough of the Bermuda shorts and the NASCAR driver sunglasses, and for the love of all things that are good, please stop wearing those "I Love New York" shirts. They are meant for you to wear back in your hometown-- not on 5th Avenue.

I truly appreciate that you love New York, I honestly do, just please don’t wear those shirts; they scream tourist. We know you love New York, that’s why we're all here, am I right?

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