I Love NY: 7 Euphoric Moments That Make You Truly Appreciate This City

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You know that moment when you just got paid, or you just got back from a yoga class, or you just had the most delicious chicken parmesan ever, or you just did your laundry and you just cleaned your apartment, or you just made out with the person you have a crush on?

Those moments where you’re sort of like, is this real life?

Have you ever had that moment when you sort of take a look at your life and you’re like, how is my life this perfect? Yeah. Sometimes, living in New York City does that.

Here are 7 more absolutely euphoric moments that make you truly appreciate life in NYC.

1. The moment you turn onto the avenue closest to your apartment...


And you can see uptown and downtown for miles, the cacophony of flashing lights and cars, dozens and dozens of stoplights, and you’re waiting for the walk signal in a whole group of people and you’re like, "Wow. I really live here?" 

2. The moment you meet a celebrity...


And you’re shaking and you can barely talk, and all you want to convey is how much you love/respect/admire that celebrity.

So you try to quote some line they said on the latest episode of your favorite TV show and you inevitably mess up the quote. And then they give you this like super-sympathetic smile that says, "Nice try, peasant." And you’re left wondering whether they think you’re creepy or endearing?

So you snap a selfie but your smile is sort of diagonal and doesn’t really look like a smile, and the celeb is wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, so you can’t really tell it’s them. And yet, it’s still unbelievably euphoric and so worth it.

Especially when you get over 200 likes on Instagram.

3. The moment you realize it’s Friday


I used to work at a magazine where we had Whiskey Fridays.

Friday is euphoric enough, I know you know what I’m saying, but leaving work every Friday last year was like a slap in the face with ecstasy-- I was drunk enough to feel the whiskey torpedoing through my bloodstream, sending flashes of happiness through my body.

I was usually walking to meet friends somewhere in the East Village, and I’d be walking through Soho and it was just becoming spring, and the air had that sort of spring air promise, and all the lights in Soho had that sort of bright future promise, and I’d have to try not to cry because I felt so happy and free.