#OnlyInNYC: 6 Reasons Why Pizza Is the Only Food You'll Ever Need to Survive

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It's no surprise that New Yorkers can't live without pizza. It defines this city, and we have plenty of places to prove it.

Seriously, pizza is something very close to our hearts, and we are all very territorial and defensive when it comes to the pizza place that we swear by.

If you reside in the Big Apple and you aren't living off of pizza to some degree, then what are you doing here?

You may just need more convincing. That being said, here are 6 essential reasons why pizza is the only food you'll ever need to survive in New York City.

1. It'll never leave you


Do you know how many pizza places there are in the city?

Well, there are a lot. Seriously. Every neighborhood has their own pizza place, so if you can't find good pizza in the city, chances are you're just not looking hard enough.

Pizza is a very safe and reliable option when it comes to scouting out a good place for a meal, and thanks to New York's reputation as being one of the pizza capitals of the world, you can always count on finding the very best slice imaginable here.

For a slice of heaven, hit up Motorino or Luzzo's in the East Village.

2. You can put anything on top of it, and it won't taste bad

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Pepperoni? Awesome. Anchovies? Sure, if that's your thing. Pineapple and ham? Heck yeah.

When it comes to pizza toppings, there is no wrong answer. It's totally what you're feeling or what's available. It's definitely also great to experiment, such as the 'Bee Sting' pie with honey and spicy sopressata at Roberta's. Would you have ever thought up this combination on your own?

Probably not, but hey, it's great to try them all.

3. It always makes for great leftovers


There's no better feeling in the world than reaching into your fridge for something to eat and encountering a few slices of pizza from the night before.

Some might say that pizza is best served a day later. But when you're looking for something to eat when you're dreadfully hungover, you feel a lil' #blessed to know that pizza is looking out for you.

Artichoke Basille's, anyone?

4. You can eat it hot or cold

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There's definitely a huge debate as to how you should eat your leftover pizza.

Some-- including myself-- like it hot, but there are definitely plenty of people who swear by cold pizza. All you have to do is whip it out and chow down.

It's that simple and that delicious. Honestly, despite my bias, it's great both ways. Because pizza is always great, which was the point of this entire thing I'm writing to begin with. Duh.

Visit Patsy's Pizzeria in East Harlem to taste what NYC pizza is all about. You can thank me later.

5. It's perfect for late nights


You can almost guarantee that pizza is open late-- especially the king of late night pizza: Joe's Pizza in Greenwich Village.

It's a blessing to be able to get pizza during the late hours of the night. Some places will even deliver to you during the dark hours of the night.

You should never feel guilty when you drunkenly order an entire pizza pie for you and your passed out friend at an obscene time, because pizza is on your side and you know it'll be at your door no matter how ridiculous the request is.

6. There's no right way to eat it


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Soup needs to be eaten with a spoon, and you definitely need a knife to cut your steak. There are no questions about that, the eating procedure is pretty standard.

However, when it comes to pizza, there are no rules as to how you should eat it. You can fold it, bite the tip from the top of the plate, or cut it (cutting it isn't wrong per se, it's just totally lame.) When it comes to pizza, you do you.

Need a little tutorial? Watch any New Yorker indulge over at another NYC institution in the Village, John's of Bleecker Street.

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