No Strings Attached: 11 Stages of a One-Night Stand in NYC

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Ever had a one night stand in New York City? They're pretty prevalent, especially among millennials.

We all like going to the bar, getting a lil' buzzed, and gettin' it in. Isn't that what all the alcohol is for in the first place?

If you want to know the 11 awkward stages of one night stands in NYC, read on-- you crazy party pioneer you. If you didn't want to know the 11 stages of a one night stand, then why'd you click on this to begin with?

1. Get messed up


How do you like to party before you go out?

Whether you prepare for the bar with a pre-game at your friends' apartments, with shots or casual beers, with a good ol' fashioned drinking game (or the lack thereof), or whether you like smoking joints, bowls, blunts, or bongs, utilize your preferred method of getting wasted.

You’ll need it for the subsequent steps, I promise you.

2. Get to the bar


Take a cab, take a subway, take an Uber, or walk. It doesn’t matter how, just get to the bar (or the club ... if you’re into that sort of thing).

Once you’ve arrived at 13th Step, or The Barking Dog, or The Stumble Inn, or Fiddlesticks, or wherever you like to party, get rid of your coat and get your hands on a drink. Settle in for a night of prowling. And then start scanning the crowd.

3. Dance your a$$ off


Chill out with your friends before choosing your target. Chilling out for an hour or so is better for both having fun and getting noticed. And remember, you’re a thousand times more attractive if you look like you’re having fun, so... why not actually have fun?

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget you didn’t just come to the bar to get laid. You came to have a ballin' time with your pals, if you get laid as an afterthought, great! If not, at least you still had an all-star night. You memorized that Nicki Minaj chorus for a reason, now use it.

Jam out with your glam out. Don’t dance like no one’s watching-- dance like everyone’s watching and having trouble breathing because of how hot you are.

4. Spot the object of your desire


Is it the dude in the baseball cap by the bar? The hottie in glasses who probably deals in thermodynamics daily? What about the one wearing the suit, chuggin' a gin and tonic like he’s the man of your dreams?

It’s a crowded city, so your options are probably limitless. Whoever you pick, remember that confidence is key. Your choice is never set in stone-- there are lots of dudes at this bar and you can change your mind at any point.

5. Make your move


If the man of your choice is standing by the bar, things just got a lot easier. My personal favorite method of “making your move” is quite simple. Lean up right next to him at the bar to order your drink. The conversation will likely start quite organically.

If he’s not standing at the bar, this step gets a bit more difficult. You can head to the bathroom and walk right past him, and if the situation allows, make some sort of comment. This comment is ideally very suave-- saying something about superheroes, Harry Potter, or shots of whiskey usually works for me.

You could also make a panicky inquisition about whether he’s leaving yet, but... that’s probably not the best look.