That Was Easy: 4 Ways You Can Make NYC Nightlife a Breeze

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Being tech-savvy in New York City is as necessary as breathing. Without our smartphones to help us hack our everyday routine, we'd be as lost as Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2. 

But once we're done being productive for our workweek, is it time to put the phone down? Definitely not.

Here are 4 revolutionary ways you can make NYC nightlife (and yes, even when you're hungover the next day) an absolute breeze using just your smartphone.

1. Tablelist (VIP table pre-splitting)

Tablelist has been making waves in the NYC nightlife scene for over a year now, making it quick and painless to plan a VIP night out-- all without the headache. Now, Tablelist is making it easier than ever to rally our friends, see who's in for the celebration, and get them to pony up for the tab... all before the booking goes through.


The new feature is called pre-splitting, and it's a game changer. Think of it as kickstarting your night out: once you choose a club or lounge, you can pick your VIP table location, choose your bottles, and then you can start inviting your friends. Nothing is booked until everyone says, "We're in!" so there's no risk on anyone.

Check out this video for more info on Tablelist's pre-splitting feature.

2. Drizly (alcohol delivery)

Drizly is hands-down the fastest and easiest way to get alcohol delivered in NYC. And as if instant booze ordering wasn't amazing enough...


Drizly just announced a new feature that will change your apartment parties and pre-games forever: advanced ordering. Now you can queue up your beer, wine, and liquor ahead of time, and have your delivery meet you right at the door on your time. Like magic.

3. Magnises (exclusive events)

Magnises is NYC's techie black card for the young and energetic. Boasting perks like exclusive restaurant reservations, gym memberships, and access to their townhouse hangout, Magnises has really made their mark on this city in just one year.


Lately, they have been going above and beyond with their members-only events: think Rick Ross, Ja Rule and St. Lucia partying under one roof. Epic, we know.

4. Vytaliz (on-demand IV hydration)

After a long night of hard partying, recover like a rockstar. Our new favorite cure is brought to us on-demand by Vytaliz, a local NYC company on a mission to bring all kinds of care to you, quick.


Vytaliz's team of certified doctors and nurses will keep you in great hands, and you'll be on your way and feeling better in no time flat.

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