Bodega Life: 7 Basic Necessities You Can Buy for Under $5

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Let's face it. Sometimes you just, very simply, don't have anything more than $5 in your wallet.

We all know the struggle, and if you say you don't-- you're lying.

Sometimes, you catch that bodega glittering out the corner of your eye as you make your way into the subway. Sometimes, you haven't even started your day yet.

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So what exactly can you buy at a New York City bodega-- especially if you have less than $5 in your wallet? Read on to find out the 7 basic necessities that every bodega can provide you with, no matter where you find one.

1. Coffee


If I were hire a market researcher to conduct a study, I bet they'd discover the item purchased most often at NYC bodegas is coffee. Sometimes it's 8 a.m. and you're on your way to kick ass during an eight-hour-day, and the bodega is conveniently located right beside the subway.

I haven't even gotten to the best part. Their delicious, cream-and-sugar swirled coffee is only $1.

Or sometimes, it's 11 a.m. and you're just starting your day, and that coffee is still only $1, which is sooo much less expensive than paying $4 for a coffee at Starbucks.

Waiting for the subway and sipping coffee can really make you feel confident enough to punch the day square in the face.

2. Bagels


Mmmmmmm... so we live in NYC, and the best food here is obviously bagels. The only counter argument with whose premise I would evenly remotely agree is pizza, but, bagels are the best food. Everyone knows that.

And the bagels at your local bodega are freshly baked, and thick, and come in a variety of flavors-- like my personal favorite the "everything" bagel, or cinnamon raisin, or ... well, plain of course. Our body breaks down carbohydrates into energy, so bagels make a great breakfast or snack.

And they're usually only $2 or $3, which is baller!

3. Gatorade

, because Gatorade drinkers never quit, and Gatorade drinkers especially love spending $1.50 on a Gatorade at a bodega and then hauling off to work to kick ass.


Ever been hungover and then chugged a delicious, chilled, yellow Gatorade? There is something transcendent about this experience.

Something phenomenally refreshing, and replenishing about doing so-- which is probably a placebo effect considering Gatorade's stature as the drink fueling all athletes everywhere.

So just do it