#DEAD: Unfortunate Celeb Pics New Yorkers Can Totally Relate To

Are celebrities really just like us New Yorkers? Well, the jury is still out on that one. But, in the meantime, their attempts at expressing relatable human emotions make for some great Internet culture sure to clog up anyone's Facebook feed.

If you're feeling a bit misunderstood, don't worry your pretty little head one bit. .

The brightest stars in pop culture know what you're going through in New York City, and they're here to get you through it.

Here are 13 unfortunate celebs who just get our daily lives in the City that Never Sleeps.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oscars


[via xposure.com]

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy that scotch on the rocks for a bit longer.

But those pesky NYC bartenders always ruin the fun, saying it's "last call" or whatever.


2. Anna Kendrick at the grocery store


[via tumblr]

Oh, we've all been there, Anna.

You walk down St. Mark's Place any night and you'll smell things humans were never meant to smell.

3. Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars


[via telegraph.uk]

We feel ya there, J-Law. But it's okay.

That man rapping to himself in the corner of the subway means no harm.

4. Beyonce at the Super Bowl


[via tumblr]

All we can say, Beyonce, is there ain't nothing wrong with gettin' a little turnt up.

Even if it's on Tuesday night at The Olive Garden in Chelsea.

5. Lady Gaga derping


[via tumblr]

That awkward moment when you sober up and can finally catch a NYC cab on your own…

6. Taylor Swift on SNL


[via tumblr]

Don't be scared, Taylor. It's just Bushwick. You have nothing to be afraid of here.

Well, except those weird niche bars– and the L train ride back "home" into Manhattan.

7. Lena Dunham running


[via Lenny Abbot/PacificCoastNews]

We don't blame ya, Lena.

We get pretty mad too when we force ourselves to get up at the crack of dawn and exercise once the nice weather hits.

8. Kim Kardashian crying


[via tumblr]

Let it out, Kim. Let it out. We all need a good cry sometimes.

Especially when we get the notification that the 4/5/6 line has been suspended indefinitely due to police activity.

9. Katy Perry eating McDonald's


[via destructoid.com]

You know what, Katy? We can't even judge.

After the club, we look exactly the same at 4 a.m., especially when all we have left in our pockets is just enough for that Mac Attack.

10. Jay-Z


[via tumblr]

Well, this is awkward.

These French tourists are hogging the sidewalk and there's no way to get around them. That's fine. Let's just hustle right on by 'em.

11. Jack White at a baseball game


[via pigeonsandplanes.com]

We feel your pain, Jack. Everyone looks like they're in a bad mood. Probably because, well, we are in a bad mood.

Especially on our Monday morning commute into work.

12. Jamie Lee Curtis' epic saga


[via tumblr]

Tinder guys are pigs, aren't they, Jamie?

Sometimes, you just have to give them a good talkin' to and angrily drink the latte that he so generously bought for you on that first date.

13. Chrissy Teigen at the Golden Globes


[via tumblr]

You know what they say, Chrissy. If you can't make it, fake it.

Like when we fake that look of pleasure as a Mexican mariachi band breaks into song and dance on our Monday morning commute into the office.

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