#Truth: 10 Types of Friends Every New Yorker Winds Up Having

When it comes to options, NYC knows no limits; in fact, any New Yorker knows that this fact is often overwhelming. The same can be said about your friends in NYC.

Since it’s almost impossible not to meet several new people a day in a city that boats a population of 8 million and counting, your friends can change as often as the neighborhoods you frequent.

Still, during your tenure in the city, no matter how long that is, there are inevitably 10 types of friends you’ll wind up having. And believe us when we tell you, each group will serve a significant purpose and are invaluable to your life here.

1. The bad decision friends

bad decision 2

Everyone in NYC has a love/hate relationship with this crew. Sure, it’s almost always an epic night out (from what you can piece together, anyway), but every time you go out with them, you just know something is going to go down; you’ll likely wake up cloaked in booze and regret.

A couple facts: you will not remember half the night. (Oh but don’t worry, there will be incriminating photos.) Also, someone in this group always-- and we mean always-- has drugs. And you're going to do them.

Outings in this group are somewhat sporadic, due to that long-ass recovery time.


2. The friends you feast with

get in belly

Arguably one of the most popular activities in NYC is, you guessed it, eating. Although almost all groups of friends will be up for this, there are always those specific few who are more up on the food scene than others.

They follow all the local food blogs and are the first to want to try that new brunch spot uptown, or that really dodgy looking place on the LES that apparently has the best damn tacos on the planet.

3. The work friends

office space

It’s always a big step when you decide to transition your “friend from work” into an outside the office friend. That said, these friends are almost solely reserved for lunches and happy hours, and often serve as the warm-up before meeting up with one of the other groups on this list.

Unless they're former co-workers you’ve stayed friends with, you almost never exceed the occasional outside-the-office outings and/or blend this group with others-- because let’s face it-- that could make for one really awkward Monday.

4. The core friends

best friends

Perhaps the most important group you have NYC, these are the mainstays; your best friends in the city. Give or take an unprecedented falling out, or moving away, this group hardly every waivers.

If you have no plans, they’re the ones who stay in with you to binge-watch Netflix.

5. The "up for anything" friends

yes SATC

In the mood to drive upstate and go hiking? Want to go to Governor's Island? There’s a band playing in this random basement in Brooklyn, up for it?

The answer from these friends is yes. Always yes.


6. The gay friends

gay friends

Fact: life is better with gay besties. Whether it’s to tell you those shoes “you think go with everything” are truly terrible or to just listen to you complain about the dating scene in NYC as you down vodka sodas at Duplex, this group pretty much guarantees an immediate pick-me-up.

Be prepared for that vodka soda to come shooting out your nose because you will be laughing. A lot.


7. The single-minded friends

single girl alone

You know the type: You can't even get through one cocktail without talking about the opposite sex in some way, shape or form.

The entire evening will revolve around whether or not there is anyone hot at the bar.

Oh, and if there’s not, they’ll insist you relocate. Every. Single. Time.

8. The wingman friends  

chest bump

Naturally, there are those nights you’re looking to score some ass yourself. But unlike the “single-minded friends,” this crew doesn’t let striking out ruin the night-- they’re just there for fun and to put out good vibes, which makes them the ultimate wingmen.

They’ll chat up every girl/guy at the bar, and are the first to start a game of darts or pool; all the while, subtly dropping hints to the mixed company about what a “great catch” you are.

9. The filthy rich and/or connected friends

chuck bass

It’s almost impossible not to come across at least one of these friends during your time in NYC, mostly because even if they’re either rich nor connected, they’re sure pretending to be.

These friends know the best opening every night, and somehow always get to go. They also probably have, or at least have access to, a killer Hamptons house.

It’s possible you go for months without hearing from them (they tend to go MIA), but expect them to pop out of the woodwork with tickets to one of the most sought-after events of the year.

10. The friend who keeps you in check 

gay friend

Everyone needs that friend who doubles as a priest of some sorts, because “confessionals” are necessary when you live in a city like New York. This friend will give it to you straight, and that’s probably why you end up telling him/her everything. Deep down you want to know, even if it can be harsh.

By the way, if you don’t have these friends, get one. Like now-- because you won’t make it in NYC without them.

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