The Struggle is Real: Here's What It's Like to Be an Introvert in NYC

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introverts are known for being more inclined towards situations where they can be alone and for an emphasis on the introspective qualities of their personalities.

If you're an introvert like me, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the social atmosphere that is New York.

It's not that we're too shy or antisocial, it's just that we like our alone time more than extroverts do.

In a city full of so many people, it's hard to find experiences and situations where it's just us. Here are 7 hardcore struggles that introverts endure while living in NYC.

1. Having to justify yourself for wanting to spend time alone


Introverts thrive on alone time. We feel as content doing things like eat in restaurants or exploring the city on our own as we do with our friends.

You may have just had a great day where you went into the city and you stopped to grab a quick, cheap, and delicious lunch and went to walk around your favorite part of Central Park without company, and it was great.

Your friend asked how your day was and you told them and he/she was outraged. "Why didn't you invite me, you jerk?!" he or she may ask you, resentful that you had so much fun without them.

The reality is that your desire to be alone and to make memories by yourself isn't an insult to anyone, it's just your preference.

2. Feeling like you made a bad first impression on new people


Introverts can sometimes be shy (note: not all introverts are!), and you may find it difficult to meet and socialize new people such as friends or significant others of your friends and new coworkers.

If you're quiet or reluctant to open up, you may be afraid that the person or people thought you were unfriendly or standoffish. You're not really, and it's not that you didn't like whoever it was. It's just that it takes you a while to warm up to all these new faces.

3. Struggling with job interviews


You may interview for a job that is looking for you to to grow into a position of leadership within the company.

When you're asked if this is something you'd like to do, you may hesitate or stammer with your answer. You may be more inclined towards working alone if you're an introvert, and you may not click with this position.

But there are opportunities where your personality is well-suited. Try taking a career personality test that can help you figure out what would be best for you.

4. Having a hard time standing out in big groups

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When you're at a party or with a big group of friends, many times you may feel overlooked and overshadowed, resulting in you feeling like you don't even fit in with your usual crowd.

You may even prefer more intimate outings with a select group of close friends to being around your entire social circle at once.

5. Avoiding seeing other people after being around a lot of people


Big social experiences such as being surrounded by people at your office or at a party can be extremely emotionally taxing on an introvert.

After Friday night's festivities, you plan to go completely off the radar for the rest of the weekend. You need to take this time to really decompress. You'll turn down invitations in favor for a day spent by yourself doing your favorite activities at home or in your neighborhood, and you'll feel very refreshed by Monday.

6. Trying to get space from your roommates


When you live with other people, you are constantly forced into some kind of social interaction with them, and it can be difficult to find space or time to be alone.

Your roommates may feel like you're being distant because you spend a good amount of your free time sequestered in your room with the door closed. You don't want to distance yourself and you're not trying to edge them out.

Space is important to you, and it can be difficult to find amidst living with other people. Plus who can afford to live alone without living in a literal closet anyway? Everything social in moderation is key for introverts.

7. Overthinking anything and everything that happened (3)

Introverts are notorious for their emphasis on thinking, and many times, we can find ourselves totally alone with our thoughts.

Your mind will race and you will worry about something as small as a comment you made to your SO that seemed flippant or argumentative and if he or she is mad at you, to speculating into every single purchase on your credit card statement and if you're spending too much money.

Your mind becomes too ingrained in details and you overanalyze everything. Sometimes it can be good to think things over, but other times, it can make you feel anxious or just generally bad.

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