5 Reasons Why Your Life Is So Much Sweeter on the 'Gram

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If you, like so many other New Yorkers, are willing to risk being run over by a skateboarder, harassed by an Amnesty International canvasser, or miss the N/Q/R for the sake of capturing a speed chess tournament in Union Square Park in just the right light (or the right filter for that matter), then you already know that life is better on Instagram.

But just in case you need a refresher on what makes your Insta-life better than your actual life, our friends over at Headlines & Heroes have compiled a list that proves exactly why your life is so much sweeter on the 'Gram. #NoFilter necessary.

1. You vacation


So you may not be able to charter a private jet to take you down to Miami every month like the #RichKidsOfInstagram, but your business class redeye will get you there just as well.

Unfortunately, the hashtag #FlyingBusinessClass doesn’t resonate quite as well as #MyPrivateJet (womp, womp), but with just the right amount of creativity, you can still make people sufficiently envious. Now, that aerial shot of you flying over South Beach at sunrise was worth all of the turbulence, wasn’t it?

2. You love your self(ie)


In the real world, adorning your apartment with wall to wall with photos of yourself isn’t what one would describe as “socially acceptable.”

But in the Instagram world, blessing your followers with such photos is not only acceptable, it’s pretty much expected. Since the art of taking a selfie isn’t always an easy task, we’ve got a way to nail the perfect angle every time, with a Snap Remote.

This discreet little remote allows you to snap photos even when you’re up to 9 feet away from your phone. Now you can finally capture those full-body selfie shots your followers have always longed for. If Instagram is Selfie City, you my friend, are the new Mayor.

3. You can handle the winter


From Park Slope to Stuy-Town, you don’t have to be living under a rock to know that this winter SUCKED.

It sucked when you were stuck on a broken down C train, it sucked when your umbrella turned inside out walking to work during that ice storm, and it especially sucked when you stocked up on enough Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter to last you the entire winter, but binge ate the entire stash while watching House of Cards during Snowmageddeon.

However, since one must always look at the silver lining, let’s focus on the 197 likes your #SnowInNYC photo got on Instagram. So what if you risked getting hypothermia to take it, right?

4. You can cook


Fact: nobody can resist a little #FoodPorn. So the next time you’re fumbling around the web deciding what to order on Seamless, think again. Instead, whip out your copy of the Thug Kitchen Cookbook and chef up something drool-worthy for your followers.

Trust us, all the double taps your photo of Chickpea Tabbouleh gets will be well worth the pain of the forty-five minutes it took you to do the dishes. Plus, as long as it looks good, no one will be able to tell if it tasted like dog sh*t. #Instagood.

5. You workout


When it comes to working out, if you didn’t put it on Instagram, did you even do it? The answer is no.

Without posting an iconic image of the Brooklyn Bridge, or a screen shot of your route from your Nike Fuelband App, not a soul will even know you ran it. And wouldn’t that be a tragedy? Yes, yes it would. Which is why you’re obligated to post it.

So what if you barely made it one hundred feet without slowing down to a walk? So what if you tripped over your own feet? So what if you took an Uber back to your apartment instead of running? Your followers will never have to know.

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