Nom Nom: 14 Delicious Food Trucks in NYC You Need to Find Right Now

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Whoever it was that invented food trucks, thank you for what you have done for New York City. I could kiss you, for you are a visionary. Knowing that my favorite foods are always on the go and possibly headed my way for lunch and/or dinner is a true blessing.

This city has a plethora of food trucks that do just that for New Yorkers every day. The multitude of foods that are now sold via food trucks is overwhelming, and it sure puts your hometown's rickety ice cream truck to absolute shame.

Here are 14 of New York's finest food trucks you need to hunt down and indulge in, like right now.

1. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

1Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream_laurenlovestoeat

This fresh update on the conventional ice cream truck is a summertime favorite in Brooklyn, as this truck only makes rounds during warmer weather.

Their ice cream flavors vary from originals like chocolate and pistachio, to some exclusive batches that are sold on a rotating basis, like salted caramel with bourbon (salted caramel anything and everything, please).

2. Wafels and Dinges

2Wafels and Dinges
[via Ivana Lyche/]

Did you know that there is more than one kind of Belgian waffle? Wafels and Dinges sells both the original breakfast favorite, the Brussels waffle, and the lesser known Liege waffle, a sweet and chewy alternative.

Your waffle comes with your choice of sweet toppings, like fresh fruits, Nutella, hot Belgian fudge, and whipped cream, just to name a few. I hope you'll have as much fun stuffing your face with this one as I do, time and time again.

3. DiSo's Italian Sandwich Society

DiSo's Italian Food Truck

Do you ever miss those favorite Italian sandwiches of yours that you grew up on?

DiSo's Italian Sandwich Society delivers the absolute goods when it comes to Italian sandwiches that are piled high with quality Italian cold cuts.


From meatball heroes drenched in tomato sauce and melted cheese, to sandwiches stuffed with Prosciutto di Parma and fresh mozzarella, DiSo's truck brings you back to your Italian grandmother's house-- or on a whirlwind trip to Italy-- right on your lunch break.

4. The Good Batch

4The Good Batch_foodspotting

On their own, these cookies are homemade and hearty, but during summers at Smorgasburg, these cookies become the invaluable bases to the most delightfully decadent ice cream sandwiches you could ever imagine.

I seriously could not think of a better use for homemade cookies-- that is, if you don't devour the entire batch first.

5. Coolhaus

[via Karen Blumberg/Flickr]

Ice cream or cookies? We implore you not to choose, but to just have both.

Coolhaus trucks can be found around the city doing cool things with ice cream and cookies, such as letting you go halfsies with two different flavored cookies to sandwich your ice cream in between.

6. Kelvin Natural Slush Company

6Kelvin Natural Slush Company_coolhunting
[via Karen Day/]

You'll be sure to lovingly slurp these slushies until the last drops.  have brought this New Zealand and Australian delicacy right to the Big Apple. Try the steak mince and cheese pie with a cup of Counter Culture Coffee for a delightful mid-day pick-me-up.

Kelvin Natural Slush Company brings a fresh, fruity spin on this convenience store pastime.

With tangy teas, citrus, and ginger bases mixed in with herbs like mint, basil and fresh fruits, you'll feel cool and refreshed.

7. DUB Pie Truck

7DUB Pie Truck
[via Yelp]

With stops in Midtown, Soho, and Brooklyn, the DUB (Down Under Bakery) Pie Truck brings you exactly what its namesake promises: savory meat pies from the Land Down Under!

And if you thought pies were only supposed to be sweet-- which DUB Pies also proudly serve-- guess again. DUB Pie Truck