This Is What Tinder Has Taught Me About Dating in NYC

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Although I am an active Tinder user, I haven’t been on a date from the app in over a year.

I can’t seem to break free though, knowing my dream man could be ‘less than one mile away’ and only Tinder could tell me so.

I recently decided to take a look at Tinder’s purpose in my life, and I came to the surprising realization that the app has actually taught me some useful things about myself and even about life in New York City.

It’s not taboo to be on Tinder in New York City

[via tumblr]

[via tumblr]

When I first got Tinder, I lived on Long Island. I didn’t tell anyone about my new download because I was ashamed to be on a dating app.

When I moved to the city, however, I learned that not only are tons of single New Yorkers on Tinder, but they also talk about it openly! I no longer had to hide my swiping. I could show my friends my matches and messages without feeling like a closeted, dating app freak.

People assume you’re a transplant


One of the greatest things about the Big Apple is how diverse it is. There are so many wonderful and interesting people who move to this city from all parts of the world.

With over 800 languages spoken throughout the 5 boroughs, native New Yorkers seem like a rare breed. The most common question I get on Tinder is, “Where are you from?” My matches are always surprised when I say I’m originally from the Empire State.

Men in New York City find me attractive


In the last year and a half that I’ve been on Tinder, I have had over 6,500 matches.

This probably says less about my physique and more about my time-wasting issues and imminent carpal tunnel, but it is remarkable to realize that more than 6,500 men in New York City have looked at my picture and decided it was decent enough to swipe right.

Confidence comes from within


Contrary to what might be expected, having a lot of matches on Tinder does not serve as an ego boost.

I don’t feel more attractive now than I did a year and a half ago, because now I have matches and messages to validate my looks. Having tons of offers for drinks, dinner and coffee does not make me feel desired or even flattered. That's because confidence comes from within.

There are a ton of attractive men living here


If it weren’t for Tinder, I wouldn’t know how many attractive men there are in a 5 mile radius.

I had heard about all of the beautiful men in NYC, but I never experienced them all at once-- until I had a 20 minute swipe session on Tinder. Now if only I could experience such a high volume of gorgeous men at one time without staring at my iPhone screen…

People use Tinder to hook-up with locals while on vacation


In my experience, some out-of-towners use Tinder to hook up with locals while visiting the city.

I get a lot of messages along the lines of, “I’m visiting New York for the weekend… wanna come to my hotel after I go up the Empire State Building?” I also get lots of requests for restaurant and nightclub recommendations. At least they’re being resourceful!

Speakeasies exist and are awesome


I didn’t know that speakeasies still existed prior to being invited to one on a Tinder date.

Speakeasies are a great date spot and thanks to the app, I’ve now experienced a few of them. New York speakeasies all have a swanky 1920’s vibe, eclectic décor, and an extensive cocktail menu. My favorites are Angel's Share, the Cricket Club, Bathtub Gin, and PDT.

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