21 of the Greatest Essentials You'll Ever Find at a NYC Bodega

It seems like just about every corner in New York City is home to a little deli-convenience store where you can find just about anything and everything you need at a convenient place and price.

Bodegas are a staple in city life, and if your neighborhood doesn't have at least one bodega, well, you might want to consider moving.

Bodegas unite all the elements of your daily life, from virtues to vices and from snacks to essentials.

With such variety, why would you go anywhere else to pick up those few things that you need plus extras? Here are 21 essentials every bodega in NYC got on lock. The real question is, what'd we miss?

1. Arizona Iced Teas


Always Arizona, always 99 cents. These cans of iced tea are tall, cheap, and always refreshing.

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You can get them in any flavor, from original to pink lemonade to Arnold Palmer. Thank God.


2. Pork Rinds

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Eating deep fried pig skin might be unsettling to you, but before you swear them off, know that they're healthier than that bag of potato chips that they're sitting next to on the bodega shelf. Yay, healthy fats!

3. Plantain Chips

3Plantain Chips_tumblr
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Plantain chips are another alternative to boring potato chips. They're just as salty and savory, but twice as exotic.

You'll love them, and they'll be an addition to your snacking repertoire in no time.

4. Loosies

4Loosie cigarettes
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Are you ever either drunkenly or soberly in desperate need for a smoke, but you refuse to pay upwards of twelve dollars for a pack of boges?

Well, thanks to bodegas, now you can indulge in that guilty pleasure. Most bodegas are happy to sell you that single cigarette to keep you from puffing like a chimney all night, while still letting you enjoy that one puff, which is all you really wanted to begin with. Oh well!

5. Sketchy ATMs

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Some bodegas have card minimums, but they also have ATMs so that you can quickly withdraw the cash you need without having to sacrifice your entire purchase. Heaven!

Except these ATMs are like nothing you've ever seen before in your entire life and they also probably have, like, a four dollar surcharge or something. Proceed with caution, and check your statements regularly for the following week after use. Trust us on that one.

6. Rolling papers

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For sale with the use of tobacco only... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

7. 3-pack of condoms


You know that you're about to hook-up, but it's going to be a quickie fling. And you're not ambitious enough to buy a whole box of condoms, because who knows when you'll get laid again, right?

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Luckily, most bodegas sell mini-packs of three condoms so that everyone will know what you're really up to tonight *Wink-wink*

8. Bodega cats

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Have you ever been to a bodega that has a cat wandering around inside? Rather, have you ever been to a bodega that DOESN'T have a random cat roaming around?

Bodega cats can be found at virtually every bodega. It's their territory, and there's no way around it.

9. All Goya everything

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If you're about to make anything Latin food that requires a Goya product, you're in luck because bodega shelves are stacked with these canned beauties.

You'll never go to that overpriced market down the block ever again!

10. Breakfast sandwiches

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Most bodegas come hand-in-hand with a deli, and you'll find that the sandwiches here rival any other breakfast sandwich you've ever eaten.

Bacon, egg, and cheese? More like bacon, egg, and PLEASE.


11. Ramen noodles

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Cup of Noodles (and every other knock-off that's out there) saves lives. It's a seriously ingenious invention and the quickest meal solution you could ever imagine.

Also, it comes in like ten billion different flavors, so it's not likely to disappoint you. It's always a perfect solution to a hangover or a bad cold.


12. Daily News and NY Post... only

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We hope you didn't want to read The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times, twenty-somethings who work in finance, because here, it's the News or Post only.

13. Black and white cookies

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Half vanilla frosting, half chocolate frosting, these cookies are melt-in-your-mouth good and forever a classic.

If you even thought for a minute that these cupcakey-cookies were disappearing from the NYC landscape, don't worry. You can always find them prepackaged and waiting for you at your local bodega.

14. Sour Power Straws

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These bad boys are as addicting as they are fun to eat.

Chewy, sour, and sweet, you'll let them dangle from your mouth while you pull on them until you actually forget that you're supposed to be eating them. They bring out the child in all of us.

15. Packets of medicine (and those other "herbal" pills)

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Hangover? Sore throat? Allergies? Bad cramps? Your bodega will have all the remedies you need when you can't get to the doctor.

Small packets of the usual over-the-counter treatments, plus the even sketchier and fast-acting packets of powder that you can just parachute will have you feeling better in no time.

Side note: an honorable mention here goes out to those shady as fu*k herbal pills (for all the dudes out there)! #YOLO

16. 40 oz. beers

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Whether it's Colt 45, Natty Daddy, or whatever your favorite 40 oz. is, the bodega will be your last stop before you hit your friend's pre-game.

17. Ice cream pints

16Ice cream pints
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Did you know that Haagen Dazs originated here in NYC?

Every bodega will have a huge freezer tub-thing with your go-to flavor of Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Dazs so that you can #treatyoself on the good days and the bad.

18. Quarter waters

17Quarter waters
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Is there even any water in these things? Who knows. Who cares!

These cute little colorful barrels were a staple of any childhood in NYC, and you know that every bodega still carries them.

19. Linden's cookies

18Linden's chocolate chip cookies
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Because why would you go through the trouble of baking cookies when you could get three perfectly crumbly cookies at your local bodega?

They're certainly not your grandma's cookies, but they'll have to suffice. And they definitely do!

20. Hostess snacks

20Hostess snacks
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Remember when Hostess went bankrupt and almost disappeared from shelves forever?

Now that that panic is over, stock up on frosted donuts, chocolate cupcakes filled with cream, and Devil Dogs-- before Hostess suffers another financial meltdown. Who wouldn't want to go a day being stuffed with Hostess' signature cream, just like a human Twinkie honestly?

21. Single packs of microwave popcorn

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Have you ever really wanted popcorn, but weren't up to buying an entire box? Yes, bodegas carry single packages of microwave popcorn for that one-stop pop you were looking for.

Bodegas FTW.

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