Would You Ever Pay $775/Month for This 90-Square-Foot Apartment in the West Village?

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Would you ever live in this 90 square foot, West Village apartment for $775/month? Curbed NY recently interviewed the renter of this micro-apartment, who stated:

I really like getting rid of things,” says Mary Helen Rowell, as she stands in the middle of her minimally furnished West Village apartment. “It’s my favorite thing.” Considering that Rowell’s apartment measures all of 90 square feet, purging is more of a necessity than a hobby, but enjoying the process makes it easier to keep the tiny space neat. “If there are three things on the floor, it’s a disaster.

Take a look at the astounding pictures below of this 78-inch wide micro-apartment and let us know what you think. If you're wondering about where the bathroom is, that would be directly across the hall from Mary's apartment-- which she also shares with someone else on her floor."I find it so rewarding to live successfully within the constraints of such a small space."

Talk about the sacrifices of New York City living, huh?

[via Curbed NY / Max Touhey]

[via Curbed NY / Max Touhey]

[via Curbed NY / Max Touhey]


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[via Curbed NY]