10 Delicious Spots for When You Have the Munchies in NYC

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Eat, drink, and be merry. I can't possibly imagine anything better than going out for drinks with your best buds, with conversation and plates of great food between you.

Ever heard of a glorious thing called the "drunchies?" Yes, that's right: the good ol' drunk munchies.

Many times when you go out to the bar, you don't even think about grabbing food while you're there, but did you know that New York City has some bars and pubs where the delicious food can totally hang with the awesome drinks.

So next time you go out with your peeps, skip that 3 a.m. slice of pizza you usually go for at the end of the night, in favor of getting your "drunch" on with drinks and friends.

Besides, what's turning up without food? They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

1. Augurs Well (115 Saint Mark's Place)

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Situated between First Avenue and Avenue A on Saint Mark's, Augurs Well is surrounded by great places to eat both on Saint Mark's and in the nearby East Village, but whatever you do, don't overlook it.

This is the perfect place to grab a table with friends and try their many selections of craft brews, plus bar favorites like sliders, garlic parmesan fries, and tater tots.

2. Bronx Beer Hall (2344 Arthur Avenue)

2Bronx Beer Hall_fbook
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Stop by the Bronx Beer Hall for speciality local beers and wines with your friends, but you'll be getting so much more.

Located in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, this beer hall neighbors other Italian eateries that serve up amazing food to compliment your drinks.

From juicy burgers and dill pickle chips to savory sandwiches from Greco's Deli and fresh-made pizzas from Cafe Al Mercato, there is something to please every palate at the Bronx Beer Hall.

3. Please Don't Tell (113 Saint Mark's Place)

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We're telling you anyway. This place is known for its super-secret entrance via a phone booth located inside Crif Dogs.

This hidden speakeasy has delightful cocktails and delicious food on the sly. Split the Torres Tots with your friends: tater tots dressed in cheese, chorizo gravy, chiles, chipotle cream, and scallions. Yum!

4. Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant (115 Broadway)

Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant
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Whoaaaaaaa-- this bar-restaurant is located inside a converted bank vault.

That alone is pretty awesome, but combine it with sick cocktails and fun bar snacks, and Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant is a hit.

They serve cocktail classics such as pigs in a blanket (mini kobe beef hotdogs wrapped in a puff pastry-- fancy much?) and a trio of sliders you can believe in.

5. Murray's Cheese Bar (264 Bleecker Street)


In addition to their awesome selection of quality cheeses and meats, they also serve an eclectic variety of foods to pair with your drinks, such as cheese fries or buffalo fried cheese curds served with blue cheese and celery, of course.

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No one does wine and cheese (or beer and cheese, you know, whatever works for you) like Murray's Cheese Bar