Hot men doing everyday activities is officially now the latest Internet craze. Whether it's reading, walking their dogs, or simply just riding the subway during rush hour, we can't get enough of this stuff.

And if you're like most New Yorkers, you're blessed whenever you catch wind of news that pertains to all of the above.

While we've recently been graced with the phenomenon of Hot Dudes Reading on the subway, there seems to be a new, sexy clan of alpha males taking the Instagram by storm.

Ladies (and gents), introducing Men and Coffee.

[via @MenandCoffee/Instagram]

Created by Alex Tobby, the Instagram is already at more than 35,000 followers and features dozens of sexy men sipping on their precious java-- clothing optional.

[via @MenandCoffee/Instagram]

So if you're looking for motivation when it comes to waking up at the crack of dawn every morning, below are just a few.

Caution: scroll *slowly*

Your Monday mornings just got even better

menandcoffee Hellooo.. πŸ™Œ #menandcoffee


I like my men like I like my coffee: extra hot

menandcoffee Good morning friends! β˜•οΈ #menandcoffee

Ahh-hem... make that a double please!

menandcoffee Seriously epic shot by @riverandthekid, @afieldguy, and model @waynebanksy! One of our favorites so far! #menandcoffee

This must be what heaven looks like

menandcoffee @nick__bateman #menandcoffee

Even the little ones have our hearts

menandcoffee Absolutely love this pic of @doublejackzach and his #menandcoffee mini-me!


menandcoffee Absolutely adorable photo by @johnstoffer! #menandcoffee

Ladies and gents... I think Starbucks just went out of business

menandcoffee This pic by @the1337one is awesome on so many levels! #menandcoffee




Happy Friday! 

menandcoffee Happy Friday!! πŸ‘ thanks for another great week. πŸ’•

What sexy Instagram account would you like to see next? Leave us your comments.

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