Creepy Dude Who Plastered Dating Flyers Around NYC Now Gets More Ass Than You Do

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I guess you really can find love in a hopeless place, as one New Yorker has proved just that (I use the term "love" loosely here).

Remember this guy? If not, let's refresh your memory.


This past summer, 51-year-old Dan Perino made the NYC streets his own personal dating site by plastering more than 40,000 flyers of himself with his contact info and a short bio that read, "Looking for a Girlfriend."

Now more than six months later, it sounds like his creepy dating advertisements have finally paid off-- in more ways than ever imaginable.

Since his postings, he's scored a countless number of dates and has been laid more than 118 times.

"It’s been going great," he said. "I’ve had... hook-ups with 118 girls, but the dating is a lot more than that," he told Along with the stamp of now being recognized as a "local-celeb," it turns out that Perino has also evolved into a complete douche.

And if you're hoping to catch a hot date with Mr. Perino, you must be forewarned: he now only dates models.

"I've been seeing models," he told Vice. "I like models a whole lot better than a cute, short blonde. I dunno, maybe I should put on the flyer that I'm only dating models now."

As he leaves us all scratching our heads, I don't know if we should feel shocked or comforted in the fact that this just further proves there's hope for singles folks of all breeds out in NYC.

— daniel perino (@danperinonyc) March 3, 2015

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