12 Instagram Shots That Prove Winter in NYC Is a Beautiful Tragedy

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Ah, winter time in the Big Apple. You know what that means! Cuffing season, endless delivery dinners, fashionable outwear, and... snow.

Oh, yes! The always delightful and never bothersome tradition that is inches and inches of snowfall.

Most people say snow looks best on mountaintops or open fields, but I beg to disagree. If you love mounds upon mounds of snow on your city streets, then maybe New York City snow is for you. Still not convinced? Maybe these 12 Instagrams pics from Winter 2015 will change your mind.

1. Slush makes for picture-perfect photo opps

drshep3 Day 1 of Family Medicine: Footprints of those lost in the perilous puddles on these frigid days #NYC #nycslush #imissLA

It's every professional Instagrammer's dream!

2. Feet-stagrams looks best during the winter

noorani Honey, this is clearly NOT gstaad. #nycslush

Now you can document your journey across town before you slip, fall, and crack your head.

3. Puddles are nature’s Valentine’s Day gift

And what better way to celebrate love than with the gift of frostbite?

4. Dirt, trash, and snow give the streets a real raw texture

basictown NYC slush out in full force. All the city looks like this and I've ruined two pairs of shoes ๐Ÿ˜“ Giant icy puddles of questionable depth everywhere. #nycslush #newyorkcity

It's all about aesthetics. There's probably a Tumblr blog dedicated to it.

5. It keeps pedestrians on their toes

Quite literally. Stay on your toes, or you can just say goodbye to the feeling in your feet.

6. It’ll remind you what really matters in life

devanmulvaney Yep, this #shoe and it's other were abandoned in the #nycslush #whatashitshow

Clean shoes? Who needs 'em!

7. You’ll always have a game to play during your walk

collandthecity That next step is a doozy! A big deep puddle of NYC slush but nothing my Bogs can't handle #bogs #nycslush #winter2014

It’s everyone’s favorite game: is it a puddle or a deep, dark abyss?

8. Dark grey is totally in this season

michaeljuiliano today NYC

But what you don't know is that that snow isn't just grey, it's not silver. It's not nickel. It's actually gun metal.

And you're also blithely unaware of the fact that in 2002, Oscar de la Renta did a collection of gun metal gowns... perfect!

9. Drivers save tons of money on gas

gina5957 The ugliness of winter in NYC #nycsnow #nycslush

You know… because they can’t get their cars out of the slippery slush.

10. You’ll get to bond with your fellow New Yorkers

rabbischwartzy The dreaded NYC crosswalk slush puddle. 2 inches or 2 feet? #nycslush

I’m not stepping in it. You step in it!

11. Nothing compliments litter quite like winter mush

ramdasha Chinese New Year Parade #nyslush

It's official. Winter 2015 will officially be the winter of garbage!

12. The city will shine in a brand new light

jeffrothstein #NYCslush

The perpetual haze really brings out the best in NYC. Don’t you think?

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