7 Emotional Stages of Coming to Terms with “The F'ing Dress”

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In case you missed it while living under your little rock there, a picture of a dress surfaced on Tumblr last week that had people questioning their perception of reality. Not since Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video have we been so utterly confused by something on the Internet.

In case you've managed to avoid it, here's a guide to what you'll experience when you're forced to lay eyes upon the dress. If you have seen it, then God bless your soul.

1. Shock


Wait… you mean… it’s not black and blue? But, like… how? It’s so obvious.

How could be anything other than… it just switched to white and gold. How did that happen? I’m so confused. Someone call my mother.

2. Denial


There’s no way this thing isn’t black and blue.

You all are just messing with me, right? Well, joke’s over! You can stop pretending! I hope you all had a good laugh, because you sure did get me… guys…hello?

3. Anger


This is some goddamn bullsh*t, man.

What kind of idiot posts this crap on the Internet? Everyone’s just getting carried away over nothing. I mean, aren’t there other things we should be discussing? Huh?! It’s an ugly ass dress, anyway.

4. Bargaining


Alright, come on. All of this is getting pretty ridiculous.

Just tell us what color it is, please. I can’t handle it anymore.

Or at least tell me why everyone sees white and gold How am I supposed to trust my senses after this, huh? Please!

5. Guilt


Well, crap. Now I feel terrible. I’m letting this get the best of me. It’s just a silly little meme, right?

It’s honestly nothing to get worked up about. Whoever posted it online just wanted to show us something cool and I had to go and be a bitch about it. God, I’m so stupid!

6. Depression


What is life? Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a point to any of this?

Maybe that’s the true message of the dress. To remind us that nothing is as it seems and we’ll never truly understand anything. How do we really know what is or isn’t blue?

7. Acceptance


I think I get it now.

The dress isn’t here to pull us apart. It’s supposed to bring us together, to remind us we all have a different point of view. And we should respect each other’s opinion.

Thank you, dress. Thank you for this mental clarity.

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