6 Tragic Signs It's Time to Break up with Netflix

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Who doesn’t love a day spent parked in front of a TV or laptop watching Netflix? We love having movies and TV shows at our immediate disposal.

Netflix is there for you when you’re sick or sad. You can count on it to be there for you with your favorite snacks, when you need a night off from life.

However, sometimes you may get too involved with Netflix and realize that it’s not good for you.

If you’re experiencing any of these tragic signs, it may be about that time you cut the chord of your relationship with Netflix.

1. You spend all your time with Netflix

You’ve been noticeably missing from your usual social circle on Friday and Saturday nights lately because you’ve been spending your nights in binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

Seriously, you’ve been spending so much time watching House of Cards that you might as well be having a torrid love affair with Frank Underwood.

Your allegiance is to your shows and your Netflix lately. It might be time for you to #reevaluate.

2. You get too emotionally involved with Netflix, and you know it’s not mutual


You may start to notice that your emotional investment in this relationship with Netflix is a lot more than you bargained for.

You can spend hours with your Netflix, watching countless shows and movies, but you can’t help but feel that your involvement is extremely one-sided.

You’re all like, Netflix I’m committed to you, and Netflix is all like, eh I’ve got you and like a billion other people to take care of.

3. Netflix takes all your money

You’ll start noticing monthly charges that overdraft your debit card statements at the most inconvenient of times.

You got so used to having Netflix in your life that you forgot you had to pay for it. Often you find yourself on the verge of breaking off that joint checking account you made with Netflix, in favor of stealing your parents’ or friends’ passwords.

4. Netflix won’t leave you alone


When you actually get out of the house and away from Netflix, you’ll find that Netflix has sent you an email that one of your most watched television series has just uploaded a new season.

Seriously, it’s like once you get away, NOW Netflix has to reel you in and beg for you to take it back.

5. You start noticing your Netflix has been seeing other people

After a long day has ended, you want to settle in and resume watching SVU.

You’re surprised to find that the most recent watched item on your screen is Parks and Rec, which you’ve never even seen.

You realize your Netflix has been cheating on you... with your sister’s friend who has your password!

6. Your Netflix bails on you when you had plans

You promised your Netflix that you guys would watch Grey’s Anatomy together after work, but your Netflix didn’t seem to remember your plans because all you can see when you click on your show is an error screen.

What gives, Netflix? I thought we were soul mates!

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